Five Things I Love About Easter

I know this post might seem strange, coming from a Jewish girl who grew up on matzoh balls and gefilte fish, but there is something about Easter Sunday that always makes me smile. The reason? It takes me back to the day when my daughter finally made her long awaited entrance into our lives. So just in time for Easter, here’s our Role Mommy Fave Five!
1. Becca is Born: After being turned away from the hospital more than four times, the nurses and doctors took pity upon me and finally admitted me on Easter Sunday – placing me in the largest birthing suite they could find overlooking the East River. By 4:17 pm, I was finally ready to push and within minutes, the doctor announced that our baby girl was born. Now, 11 years later, Becca is a full-fledged tween who finally got her ears pierced and received her first cell phone. But no matter how old she gets, I will never forget that very special Easter Sunday when our family welcomed an amazing gift into our lives!
eep-peeps-contest.jpg2. Peeps, Peeps, Everywhere – Sure they are so sugary and can pretty much rot your teeth, but nothing quite compares to fuschia and yellow peeps. I’m a big marshmallow fan too – so combine a zillion sugar granules and you have a recipe for instant happiness (and tooth decay later). Plus, check out what you can do with Peeps – straight from the movie “Up!”
3. Cadbury Cream Eggs – I’ve been inhaling these tasty chocolate treats with cream filling since I was a kid. Remember that hilarious rabbit commercial from back in the 80’s? No worries…we tracked it down for you!

4. Thank you Easter Bunny! Bawk! Bawk! Want to see another adorable video? Then take a trip down memory lane and enjoy!

5. The Easter Parade – For some reason, I’ve known the words to “Easter Parade” since I was a little kid. I used to love watching the Judy Garland film and in high school, even learned how to play it on my trumpet (yes, I was the token girl trumpet player in my school). While I no longer play a brass instrument (thank goodness for little things), I still am a sucker for old movies. Check out this classic clip and feel free to sing along!

Happy Easter everyone and to my Jewish friends…only a few more days and we can bring back the yeast!