Tweet Your Advice to Kelly Ripa & Anderson Cooper!

LIVE! with Regis and Kelly are expecting Anderson Cooper to stop by (filling in for Regis) this Friday. Anderson is covering the current flux in education funding and wants us to help him get advice, secrets and tips on budget crunching to families that need it most!! In anticipation of his arrival, the team at “Live with Regis & Kelly” want to know what are some of the ways you maintain your budget and still send your little ones fully equipped for school!? What are some training strategies, and lessons you’ve instilled about respect, honesty and safety?
Do you have advice you’d like to share and potentially have it read live on the show? Then send a tweet to Regis and Kelly: @Regis_and_Kelly and Anderson Cooper: @AndersonCooper. And while you’re at it, tell them Role Mommy sent you!