The 411: The Miracle Worker on Broadway

miracleworkeronbroadway.jpg I recently attended a preview for “The Miracle Worker” on Broadway starring Allison Pill, Abigail Breslin, Matthew Modine and Jennifer Morrison, and I’m here to let you know it’s a must see production that’s ideal for parents of tweens and teens.

Based on the true story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, “The Miracle Worker” takes you inside the lives of the Keller family – where you first discover how Helen lost her sight and hearing and watch as her family continually refused to send her to an asylum despite the fact they couldn’t control her dangerous outbursts.

At 13 years old, Abigail Breslin is brilliant in her role as Helen. Without uttering a word, Breslin is incredibly believable as a blind and deaf “wild child” who is desperately trying to connect with those around her. Allison Pill is awe inspiring in her role as Annie Sullivan. Pill is a true spitfire in this show – combining tenacity, humor and empathy as she guides Helen to a major breakthrough. Feature film star Matthew Modine makes his Broadway debut in “The Miracle Worker” and breathes humor and compassion into the role of Helen’s father, Captain Keller. And mothers will instantly connect with Jennifer Morrison, who portrays Helen’s mom Kate Keller, who never gave up on her daughter, despite the painful effects Helen’s condition had on her family.

I recently spoke with one of the show’s producers, Lynn Shaw, who joined me as a guest on Blog Talk Radio where she shared the inside story of how the current stage version of “The Miracle Worker” came to fruition. Plus, Lynn reveals some amazing behind the scenes stories from the show’s rehearsals and tells us how she got her start as a theatrical producer. Listen in and enjoy!

If you’re interested in taking your family to see The Miracle Worker on Broadway, visit the show’s website today for show times and tickets. Plus, if you happen to attend a Tuesday evening show during the month of March, you’ll get the chance to participate in “Talk Back Tuesdays” where the cast answers questions from audience members. Fans will be thrilled to know that Abigail Breslin poses for photos and signs autographs for those audience members who stick around to meet her after the show. Hope you get to see it and enjoy the show as much as I did!