Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

Since my kids are diehard Disney Channel fans, I was happy to hear that a brand new movie is about to launch featuring “Wizards of Waverly Place” star Jennifer Stone. “Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars” premieres Friday, March 26 on the Disney Channel and brings the classic tale into the technological age as Harriet competes against fellow students to be the official class blogger.
The film was penned by mother-daughter team, Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke. Internationally acclaimed writer, Heather Conkie, gave her daughter, Alexandra Clarke, Harriet the Spy when she was a child and it represented a huge turning point in her life. She bought a notebook like Harriet and started writing everything down; from that point on she aspired to be a writer. Writing the film has been an incredible bonding experience for them and the adaptation has brought them full-circle.
We recently got the chance to speak with Alexandra when she joined us as a guest on Blog Talk Radio. Listen in as she shares how she got her start as well as the excitement of collaborating on her first official entertainment project with her mentor and Role Mommy her mom!
Hope you and your kids tune in on Friday, March 26 at 8pm ET/PT to Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars…I’m sure my kids will be front and center!!!