Win a Virtual Assistant and a Free Hotel Room!

This week, Hyatt Place released the results of a national study revealing that the number of Americans struggling with work-life balance has nearly doubled to 71 percent since 2006. While a struggle to achieve work-life balance is not new, the study pointed out why that balance is no longer achievable. Rather than compartmentalize their life, the average 2010 American is instead multitasking all day, every day (hello – that would be me!).
A few interesting statistics included:
· 83 percent of Americans state that they often take care of work matters from home
· 59 percent state that they often handle personal matters at work
· 62 percent of respondents say that they are ‘constantly multitasking
· On average, someone working from home is doing five tasks simultaneously
Hyatt Place first identified this multitasking lifestyle as an emerging audience when it launched in 2006 and built its hotels to meet the needs of this specific group. Now, Hyatt Place wants to help Americans stay productive in their everyday life. To help guests balance work and home responsibilities, Hyatt Place has partnered with, a virtual personal assistant service, to give away 2 months of service to 20 lucky winners in a national sweepstakes starting next week. And here at Role Mommy, two lucky readers will finally get some much needed help with their busy lives that includes the personal assistant service and a 2 night stay at Hyatt Place!
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Five Ways to Work Out without Working Out

Lately, I’ve been avoiding my gym. And let me tell you – that doesn’t bode well for my thighs, butt and mid-section. But I’ve decided, rather than do the same thing I do all the time at my local gym (elliptical, stationery bike and treadmill), I’m going to do five things that will hopefully melt the fat from my lower half without me realizing I’m actually working out.
1. Rollerblading – Back in the day (meaning the mid-nineties), I was quite the rollerblader. In fact, my favorite thing to do each weekend was to strap on my blades, slip on my headphones and sing as I rolled through Central Park. During the winter, I’d even rollerblade to Wollman Rink, put my rollerblades in a locker and ice skate for an hour. Hello, Old Me – where are you and how do I get my mojo back?
2. Dancing Lessons – When I was on a cruise recently, I realized that I am a dance spaz. I mean, I can certainly do the typical side to side, hand bopping move that I perfected in the eighties and I personally love the “Baby Mama” ‘Stop Framing Your Face’ line, but what I’ve realized is that dancing burns a serious amount of calories – just look at how Kelly Osbourne transformed her body. Sign me up for some salsa lessons stat!
3. Commuter Calorie Burn – Give yourself less than 10 minutes to catch your train. Then sprint in high heels carrying your purse that includes a laptop, your cell phone, iPhone, files and notepad. Now, make sure your train is on the furthest possible track imaginable – for an added burn, climb three flights of stairs at top speed and then collapse on the train. Do not, under any circumstances buy a bag of pretzels before you board the train because if you do, the calories you burnt will be useless.
4. Tennis Anyone? My favorite sport since the time I was nine years old is tennis. The reason – when I’m in the zone, I can really play well. And when I play outdoors, I actually sweat – which means I burn calories. So I will step into my time machine, pretend I’m back in high school and start hitting those balls like a fiend.
5. Wii and My Family: Never count out my Wii Fit – which will definitely call me obese once I step on that balance board but I can take it. All I need to do is stick with a routine, even if it’s 15 minutes per day and I will be on my way. Besides, I love the kick boxing and hula hoop games – feel the burn without the burden.
So there you have it – five ways to lose weight without it feeling like a total chore. I’m kick starting my routine tomorrow and will let you know soon how it’s working for me. Summer is right around the corner and all I can say is I refuse to spend another season fretting over my knee fat and cankles!
If you have any fun calorie burning tips to share, please feel free to comment!