Bonny’s Fab Find: Age Spot Eliminator!

serum.jpgAbout 8 months ago I started to notice those sun-kissed freckles that normally only appear on my face during the lazy days of summer weren’t completely disappearing come Fall. Apparently I was in great denial of my age – as well as my upcoming birthday – the big 4-0! {GASP!} It soon set in that these sizable dark, freckle type stains were AGE SPOTS! {ANOTHER GASP!} Ever since my discovery, I have been on a mission to lighten them, if not make them disappear altogether. That’s when I came across Trish McEvoy’s Beauty Booster Serum. Now I must admit, it pained me to break out the wallet and pay the $125.00, but I was desperate. I also know it would have cost triple (or more) for treatment at my dermatologist. It was not an option to ignore these spots.
I’m so happy to say after 1-1/2 months of use, 3-4 drops each day in the morning and evening, I can totally see a difference. My husband AND my sister can see the difference also – we all know how they can be :o). The price is a little tough to swallow, I get that, but it will last for about 3 months. The spots are still there, but are much lighter. This soon-to-be 40 year old is jumping for joy. Throw a little cover up or concealer on and I’m good to go. The serum is also a line minimizer and a complexion enhancer – who couldn’t use alittle bit of that, right? Unless you’re in your 20s of course. A few people have even commented to me within the last month about how great my skin looks and that I look, yep, you guessed it – YOUNGER! Yay! Bring it on, 40. And thank you Trish McEvoy!

Bravo Casting Call!

Bravo is casting a new show revolving around a nationally recognized maternity designer and her team of maternity-concierge experts who will coach and nurture expecting mothers, preparing them for their bundle of joy, whilst the whole time pampering themselves with massages, parties, and the hottest maternity couture in NYC!
Casting agents are looking for looking for PREGNANT, upscale women/FASHIONISTAS who are always in-the-know on the hottest clothes and newest trends in the TRI-STATE AREA who are EXPECTING A BABY IN MAY, JUNE or JULY 2010.. they are casting only for the NEXT THREE WEEKS!
Pregnancy doesn’t get in their way of looking and feeling AMAZING! The Newest Louis off-the-rack?! CHECK Yoga Classes? CHECK! Hot Stone Massage?! CHECK! Pampering Facials? CHECK!
If you know of any FABULOUS Moms-To-Be, who would be interested in getting PAMPERED and GUIDED by our experts, please have them contact us ASAP! We’re Casting in the NYC/Tri-State Area for the next couple of weeks, so time is limited!
Interested candidates should send us an email to with the following information:
1. Name, City, and date you are expecting (Must be in the tri-state area)
2. Why couture maternity clothing and concierge services are a must during your pregnancy.
3. Your feelings about being pregnant – excited, nervous?
4. Any special circumstances surrounding your maternity? Is this your first child? Was it hard to
conceive? Are you expecting twins?
5. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your partner(if applicable)? What makes you unique?
6. Please include your phone number and email address.
7. A recent photo