American Idol Ladies Night: The Re-Cap

crystal-bowersox-american-idoljpg-739450c5a0da8af0_large.jpgIt’s after 9 pm on the east coast and that can only mean one thing. American Idol is over and I’m enjoying every minute of “Glee” on Fox. But now that we’ve hit a commercial break, I’m going to launch into my assessment of tonight’s edition of American Idol. The ladies were up tonight and I don’t know whether the mandate was to select boring ballads from the 60s and 70s, but for some reason, several of the contestants went with song choices that didn’t really showcase their voices.
Let’s tackle the best and worst performances of the night. Starting with the worst. Sad to say, but I think Paige and Katelyn were out of their league tonight. Paige took on “Smile” and I expected her to perform some vocal acrobatics when she took the stage. Instead, she played it safe and told Ryan that she let emotions get the best of her – she was thinking of the Michael Jackson rendition of the song and it made her sad. That comment of course won her votes with my son – who demanded I text my vote for Paige but I held firm and said there would be no votes cast in her favor tonight.
As for Katelyn – she decided to take on one of my favorite singers of all time – Carole King. But when she starting belting out “I Feel The Earth Move,” it felt as if she was either working in a karaoke bar or was a singer at a wedding. While my kids defended her performance saying that wedding singers are really good, I explained that wedding singers don’t get record contracts – referencing one of our favorite movies of all time “The Wedding Singer.”
As for my favorite performances of the night, Crystal by far was head and shoulders above the rest. Taking on Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason to Stay Here,” Crystal easily belted out the song and seemed so comfortable doing it. Being on stage in front of a crowd is where she belongs and I cannot wait until she records her first album – my personal prediction is that she will win the whole show, but we’re still several months away from the final round. My second favorite performer is Lacey. She’s gorgeous – looks like a cross between Martina McBride with a Cyndi Lauper hair color twist and her voice belongs on a CD. I personally would prefer to see her as a country singer, but maybe it’s that Martina McBride thing that has me thinking she’d pull off “This One’s For The Girls” really well.
As for the other singers, Didi, Lilly and Siobhan are also pretty strong contenders who I’m sure will sail through this week and make it into the final 12. So there you have it – check it out and see if you agree and get ready to catch the men Wednesday night! I must leave you now…time to watch the rest of Glee. Oh, how I love my music shows!
They don’t have this week’s performances online just yet…so enjoy Crystal from last week.