Olympic Skating Workout with Chelsea Piers

asada.jpegSick of your normal workout? Inspired by the Olympics? Stop thinking, “I wish I could skate,” and head outside to try your hand at skating.
Make the most of your time at the ice skating rink this winter with a skating workout from the coaching staff at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers.
Skating is a great total body workout – legs, stomach, arms, and back. In order to simply balance on skates there are a host of core muscle groups that are used. So, lace your skates up good and tight, straighten up your back, tuck in your stomach and workout!
SWIZZLES: Start by extending your arms to the side for balance. Keep your arms at shoulder height with palms facing downwards and fingers extended. Allow your feet to go into the pigeon-toed position and bend your knees. Using the outside blade, slowly allow your feet to separate and glide on the ice. When you are about hip distance apart, continue to bend your knees and use the inside edges to get you back to the pigeon-toed position. You can also practice half swizzles, instead of separating both legs at the same time, alternate legs.
Muscles used – arms, shoulders, back, inner and outer thighs, and stomach.
ONE-FOOT GLIDES: This exercise commences with arms extended to the sides. Keep your back straight, tummy tucked and weight on your heels. Begin skating across the ice and, when you feel balanced, lift your left leg off the ice. Keep your left knee bent and bring your leg up towards your stomach. Alternate legs. When you’ve mastered that, try extending your leg behind you.
Muscles used – arms, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves.
LUNGES: You’ve done it before, in aerobic classes and at home. Now try it on the ice! Again, arms to the side and knees bent. Begin skating and continue bending your right knee, as you get lower let your left leg glide on the ice behind you. Hold it for as long as you feel comfortable. Then straighten your right knee and bring your left leg in. Alternate legs. Here is a good tip – you know you are bending your knees correctly when you can feel the top of your boot against your shin.
Muscles used – arms, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves.
CROSSOVERS: This exercise has two parts. First, back straight and tummy tucked! Now, stand on the ice and walk to the side by placing one foot over the next. Take your right foot and place it on the other side of your left foot. Continue doing so until you feel comfortable. Now, start skating slowly with knees bent and your arms extended. This time extend your right arm in front of you and your left arm behind you. Then, take your right foot and place it over your left foot. Continue crossing your right foot over your left and you will find yourself skating in a circle! Alternate arms and crossovers and skate in the opposite direction.
Muscles used – arms, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, outer thighs, and buttocks.
LEG LIFTS – This exercise doesn’t call upon your sense of balance as much as some of the others. Stand facing the wall of the rink. Place your hands on the wall. While holding onto the wall, bend at the waist so your body is at a 90 degree angle with the wall. Lift one leg straight behind you. Raise and lower the leg while balancing on the blade of the other skate.
Muscles used – Buttocks, hamstring, and lower back.
SQUATS – This exercise if very similar to the traditional exercise on the ground. Start by just skating until you pick up a little speed. Raise your arms out to the sides for balance. Then with your legs slightly separated, squat down to a sitting position, while still gliding on the ice. Squat up and down slowly, as many times as you can until you loose speed.
Muscles used – quads, hamstrings, buttocks, back arms, and shoulders.
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