Audrey McClelland: Living Her Dream

Since we’re all about celebrating incredible moms doing what they love, I’d like to showcase one of my favorite mom vlogging friends, Audrey McClelland, the co-founder of Mom Generations . I met Audrey more than a year ago and the moment we were introduced, we instantly hit it off. Audrey is a mom of four, an Ivy League graduate and a fashion guru – having worked for Donna Karan before her children her born. While she left her career behind to become a full time mom, she decided last year to launch a video blog featuring 365 days of fashion advice. Little did she know that her YouTube videos would catch on like wildfire and catapult her into instant stardom.
Today, Audrey is the Beauty and Style co-editor for Lifetime Moms and most recently, she got the chance to work the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards along with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn! Take a look at the after show red carpet re-cap featuring Audrey, Greta Monahan and Tim Gunn and see how this incredible mom is living her dream. We are so proud of you Audrey – you are truly a Role Mommy extraordinaire!!!