Chaos to Connection on Role Mommy Radio

chaostoconnection.jpgI don’t know about you, but whenever my kids are feeling sick, I hit speed dial for the pediatrician’s office. When it comes to my son and daughter, I don’t like to take any chances but somehow, while I’m vigilant about their health, I shy away from child psychologists. That is, until now.
You see, the other day, I had the great fortune of meeting the founders of Chaos to Connection, a book and DVD series that will help parents change to better connect with their children. The interesting thing that I found from my conversation with co-creators David Herz and Michael Behmer was that rather than expecting our kids to change when they are acting out, what parents should do is figure out what we could be doing wrong that causes our kids to react negatively towards us.
While the Chaos to Connection book and DVD’s are ideal for parents of teens, it’s also a great guide for those of us raising young children. The earlier you learn techniques to connect with your kids while they’re young, the better relationship you can foster with them as they approach their teenage years. Listen in to our interview with Chaos to Connection co-creators and dads David Herz and Michael Behmer and find out how you can reach out to one of their experienced parenting coaches or attend a workshop near you.