25 Random Things I Plan to Do in 2010

No need to share little tidbits about me, that’s so 2009. Instead, here’s my list of 25 things I plan to accomplish in the next decade. I’ll keep checking back as I cross off the items off my to-do list. But for now, here it is…
1. Lose 10 pounds. At last count, I think I’ve lost over 100 pounds since I was 12 years old. Only problem – it’s the same 10 pounds over the course of nearly 30 years.
2. Transform See Mom Run into a musical. Working on that right now – have written lots of song parodies and secured more essays from dads too. Now need to think of a catchy title. Too bad Wicked is taken.
3. Spend less time online – I actually got this from a lot of mom bloggers who emailed their resolutions to me. Of course, I’m spending the afternoon writing while my family is out and about but I promise, once they come home, I am so not going to log onto my computer. I swear…sort of.
4. Enroll in a BMI Lyrics Writing Class – saw this online and was really intrigued. Considering I’ve always loved to write lyrics, maybe I need some formal training. Or maybe not. Either way, haven’t taken a class in years, it would be fun to be a student again.
5. Sign up for a tennis group. Again – I say this every year and then I find out the prices, say it’s too expensive and never do anything. This time, I’m biting the bullet and planning to sign up for a weekly class or league. And no, I do not want to play with old ladies who hit moon balls.
6. Take Dance Lessons with My Husband – While watching Dirty Dancing last night and watching Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze perform those classic final scenes of the movie (“Now I’ve, had the time of my life…”), I told my husband I’d love to take dance lessons with him and he said yes. All I need to do is find the dance studio and we are in. Between tennis and dance, I’m going to so thin. 🙂
7. Commit to at least one girlfriend getaway per year – No more of this – we should go here, we should go there. My sister in law says I’m wishy washy and she’s right. I’m picking a date and getting my butt out of dodge…and hoping a few of my closest girlfriends will join me.
8. Take my family on a European adventure – We just got the kids’ passports renewed and I am dying to take them on a Mediterranean cruise. Here’s hoping it happens soon!
9. Get booked on Oprah – According to my friend Alicia, I’m supposed to put my positive kharma out to the universe and now that it’s Oprah’s last year on the air, here’s hoping I make the cut rather than joining the ranks of fellow N’Oprahs. Oh, and Oprah radio counts too. (the back door plan, ladies, the back door plan).
10. Get published in a national woman’s magazine – Okay – bet you didn’t know this, but I have a master’s in journalism from NYU with a specialization in magazine writing. Bet you also didn’t know that I’ve never been published by a major woman’s magazine. I’ve tried, barely but I think I don’t go for it because I hate rejection. Here’s to tons of rejection letters and hopefully a few keepers and paychecks along the way.
11. Throw two incredible Bat and Bar Mitzvahs . Yes in the next decade, I will be hosting right of passage festivities for both of my kids. Here’s hoping my show is a major hit.
12. Send two kids to college – Holy cow. I can’t believe that in the same decade I’ll be shelling out tons of money for hora dances, my kids will be applying to college. Better get my daughter working on her softball pitching arm and my son, well, he’s quite proficient at guitar and Michael Jackson moon walks. Perhaps there’s a sports and music scholarship in their future.
13. Have at least one getaway per year with my husband – forget date night. In the next decade, I’m determined to spend at least one weekend away with my hubby so that we never lose the romance from our relationship. Hello Ritz Carlton, it’s your favorite customer calling.
14. Spend as much time as we can with our parents – Both my folks and my in-laws are entering their seventies and now is the time to spend as much time with them as possible. Sure, I may not know how to play mah jong or golf, but no matter, time is fleeting and there are still many more memories to be made.
15. Cut down on arguments with my daughter – She says black. I say white. And she’s only 10. I know it’s going to get tougher so I better invest in a few parenting books and work on shoring up our relationship so that by the time she’s my age, we are the best of friends (like me and my mom).
16. Pay it Forward – I’ve always made this a hallmark in my life and this will certainly continue into the next decade.
17. Win a Really Cool Award – I don’t know what that award will be. In fact, the coolest thing I ever won was Best Female Performer of Sing in 1985 and 1986 and nothing else has ever come close. Hey, once I take that lyrics writing class, maybe I’ll win a Tony…or a Tina.
18. Be my kids’ biggest cheerleader – As much as I want to still reach my full potential, I will be there front and center helping my own kids do the same.
19. Write about the things that matter most and will make you laugh – I will try my best to write about people and places who are special – doing extraordinary things with their lives while motivating others to do the same. Plus, will mine the contents of my life and the lives of others that you will hopefully find hilarious.
20. Host many more exciting RoleMommy events – What can I say, I’m a girl who just loves to throw a party.
21. Meet Nora Ephron – she’s totally my idol and every time I watch another movie that I adore and see she’s directed it, I am convinced that one day I am destined to meet her. If I did meet her, I’d probably plotz. Either way, here’s me putting another crazy thing out to the universe.
22. Sell 1 million copies of one of my books. Another metaphysical prediction. Plus, I don’t discriminate, I’ll take any version – Peeing in Peace, See Mom Run, or any combination thereof!
23. Help other moms achieve their own dreams – Working on that now through Role Mommy university and will continue to do so every year!
24. Read more great books – I want to enrich my mind, read more novels and maybe even pick up a few of the classics again. Enough of the Tweeting and Facebooking. Time to put books and great authors back in my life.
25. Be Happy and Grateful for Everything I Have – Well, I can already cross that one off my list. I am incredibly blessed to have an amazing husband, great kids, supportive mom and dad, in-laws and friends who have touched my life in so many ways over the past 40 years. Here’s to many more special times ahead and here’s to appreciating every day and every accomplishment, no matter how big or small.
Happy New Year everyone! What’s your list for the decade? Comment now with a link to your 25!

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