Guest Post Corner: Sissy Biggers

VGSissy-1.jpgA mother’s most captive audience is at breakfast time. While the kids may feel like prisoners facing a day of school incarceration, breakfast time is where mom has their most attention. My trick to keeping my girls’ focus was by starting the day on the funny side of life. I realize there’s nothing amusing about incomplete homework or (another!) missing cleat, but greeting the challenges of the day-to-day on the lighter side got me great results. Here are some funny side of life techniques my girls learned to look forward to, plus an extra tip to make sure Mom gets off to a great start too! :
Play High-Low: Ask your kids to predict what will be the “highs” and “lows” of their day. It’s a great way to find out what’s on their minds. You play, too! The payoff comes after school when you see if the highs and lows were realized.
Mom’s morning news: Turn off the morning news and give three of your own “family” headlines. These can be pure entertainment or nimble ways to get your own message across.
In addition to affable coaxing and cajoling, I always took advantage of the convenience of a complete breakfast like Jimmy Dean line of products that are packed with protein and ready in minutes. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy from breakfast bowls, sandwiches and better-for-you options like D-lights, allowing me to keep the morning carefree and forward moving while my girls got that all important protein to keep them laughing all day. Look at the funny side of life and soon that captive audience will be giving you a standing ovation.
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