The Role Mommy Fave Five

It’s been a whirlwind week so if you haven’t had time to watch the news or catch some good shows on TV or follow some great blogs, here’s the Role Mommy Re-cap:
1. The Balloon Boy – everyone was transfixed this week when a weird looking balloon made out of what appeared to be Reynolds Wrap, sailed through the air for miles. What made the story more compelling was that news reporters were convinced a six year old boy named Falcon was lost in flight. Turns out he was hiding in the attic. Looks like he’ll be grounded for life for that one.
2. Dr. Phil Stirs the Pot – you know you’re a mom blogger when your own mother calls you and says, “Honey, I was watching Dr. Phil today and they had some woman named Dooce on the show who is some sort of mommy blogger, and you should have totally been on instead.” When I explained that Dooce has a bazillion visitors on her site, my mom still stuck to her guns and said I should have been Dr. Phil’s special guest for his show about working moms vs. stay at home moms. In case anyone is paying attention, my mom thinks I should be on Oprah too. And that’s one of the many reasons why I love my mom.
3988391419_a4050881bf.jpg3. Blogalicious, Blog World Expo, Blogging for Bubbles – Okay – so I was not in attendance at any of the recent blogging events. I did however attend an event sponsored by Wisk where I learned all about bubbles when I met a sommelier who taught our group all about bubbles in champagne and wine. Next, I watched a tarot card reader predict our fortunes by reading our bubbles and then, I removed a grass stain by performing a cool experiment with Wisk’s new HE detergent. And, I got to go home with a huge laundry basket filled with cool essentials for my home and my kids (gotta love a gumball machine). Oh, and if you visit the Wisk HE site right now, you can test your bubble IQ and enter to win a brand spankin’ new washer/dryer and let me tell you – I saw it up close and it’s pretty amazing.
4. Whrrl, Whrrl, Whrrl – Wherever I go I get a direct message from another blogging friend who has either discovered Whrrl, is using Whrrl during a visit to an event, or is still trying to figure out how to send a picture on Whrrl. My personal fave Whrrl of the week – the lucky bloggers who got to attend the Tony Hawk retreat. Since I’m not much of a skateboarding afficionado, I’ll take that missing invite as a sign that the Tony Hawk team knew that skateboards just scare me. Now if I don’t get an invite to the Oksana Baiul retreat, well then, I will be fighting mad.
5. Maria Shriver just announced that 1/3 of women are now primary breadwinners in their family. I can totally believe that one. Since we are the masters of multi-tasking, most moms I know have a day job, a passion project, a side job and they also can make a few bucks just finding loose change in the dryer.