The Accidentally on Purpose Tweet-Up

Though I was several thousand miles away and watching a Twitter stream from my home, I was so psyched to see all my blogging friends on the set of the new CBS comedy series, “Accidentally on Purpose,” starring Jenna Elfman. Take a look at this awesome photo from the set of the show and see why I love what I do these days…connecting incredibly talented and dynamic bloggers with incredibly dynamic and talented TV stars and producers. Who knows, maybe a few members of this group will wind up with a sitcom one of these days…you never know!!! For now, enjoy Ciaran Blumenfeld’s fabulous Whrrl Montage and a group photo…much more to come!

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The Role Mommy Fave Five

It’s been a crazy week over here at Role Mommy (when isn’t it a crazy week), but while we were racing around town, we’ve compiled a Fave Five that’s entertaining, informative and hilarious.
1. Eating Candy Could Turn Your Kid Into A Criminal. This is by far my favorite story of the week. Some researchers were testing kids since 1969 and found that the ones who ate too much candy became hardened criminals moreso than the children who ate a balanced diet. Thank goodness my parents shipped me off to Weight Watchers at 12 – there’s no telling where I would be today if they hadn’t put an end to the candy insanity.
2. Want to Find High-End Children’s Clothing, Baby items and more for a fraction of the cost? Then register today for, an exclusive private “flash sale” site that officially launches on October 7. Two of my favorite mom bloggers, Audrey from Mom Generations and Nicole at Momtrends are the faces of the site and they’ll be sharing their top picks on the latest trends and products that are turning heads in the children’s fashion and accessories industry. Incidentally, did you know that Nicole used to work at Ralph Lauren and Audrey used to work at Donna Karan? Love that!
3. One of Our Favorite Role Mommies Makes the NY Daily News...I love it when I can flip through my local paper and then Bam! I get to read a profile of one of our contributors to our new humor anthology See Mom Run – Issa at YourSingleParenting and New York City Mamasan. The paper even featured a gorgeous photo of Issa and her son, that was taken at one of our Role Mommy events with celebrity photographer extraordinaire, Jade Albert (photo was in the print version, not online). Go Issa!
4. Fall TV is Back!!! I can’t tell you how beyond thrilled I am that my favorite shows are back on TV. I don’t know about you, but I was on the edge of my seat this week watching Private Practice. Any time a crazy looney tune performs a c-section on Amy Brenneman, steals the baby and both survive, I’ve got to say it doesn’t get any better than that!
5. The Secret Behind Giveaways! On our latest Role Mommy on the Run and Traveling Mom Show, we gave the secret behind getting lots of comments on your site for giveaways. Listen in and unlock the key to building traffic on your site!