GMA Can You Hear Me?

0211h.jpgToday’s Twitter and news postings are all abuzz about Charlie Gibson officially announcing his decision to step down from his evening anchor post and Diane Sawyer finally getting the chance to be the first solo female anchor of ABC World News Tonight. Times they are a changin’ and that means Diane will be going head to head with Katie Couric. Personally, I hope she doesn’t change her wardrobe and hair – it’s about time the suits loosen up at that anchor desk – you can still look great while you’re reporting on health care summits and the state of our economy. It’s all in the delivery and if you’re wearing Donna Karan or Diane Von Furstenberg while you’re reading the teleprompter – I say, go girlfriend – you’re smart and you look like a million bucks!
It’ll be interesting to see whether Brian Williams will be odd man out or King of the Hill over at NBC, but more importantly, I want to know who is going to take Diane’s place. You see, I take my morning news very seriously and have to admit that I’ve become a major GMA fan these last few years because I adore Diane Sawyer. I particularly loved today’s special concert with Whitney Houston and Diane’s genuine concern for her well being – you can’t fake that kind of stuff. But now that she’s gone, what’s a television viewer to do?
Well, I say, why not offer them the ideal replacement? Of course, if they’re looking for someone genuine who has made a few appearances on TV and would love a shot at the big time, then, hello, people, I’m right here out in the burbs! I’d be pretty low maintenance if you take me on – I’ll catch an early morning Metronorth train, can do my own make-up and have been known to style my own hair – yanking my ceramic flat iron right out of my massive Michael Kors hobo bag.
If you want to know about my interview skills, I can assure you that I’ll chat up all the major box office stars you have on deck this season and promise to croon right along with the country artists who will be performing this November at the CMA Awards. For hard-hitting news, I’ll punt it over to Robin Roberts or I’ll just ask the questions that happen to be on everyone’s minds. Like – come on Sarah Palin – why did you really quit your job? Was it because of all those mounting wardrobe, travel and make-up bills you had to pay back the GOP or the massive book and TV deal you’re probably going to be getting once you become a private citizen? As far as today’s appearance by Whitney Houston, I would have loved to have asked her if her vocal chords have taken a beating over the years due to her battle with drug addiction and her stormy marriage that finally ended in divorce. Then again, who am I kidding? I probably would have just stood there with a big grin on my face, smiled and waved.
When it comes to road trips or travel to exotic locations, heck, I’m game – as long as I can bring my family with me wherever I go (that’s because life is all about memorable experiences and I don’t want my kids to miss the good stuff). And if you need me to do an exclusive interview with I don’t know, say Julia Roberts or hmmm, George Clooney, I won’t go “ga ga” over them – I promise. I’ll politely ask for their autograph for my kids (wink, wink) and then get back to our conversation. I also come quite cheap – in fact, if you gave me the chance to chat with friendly celebrities (nasty stars and equally mean personal publicists would be banned from the set), politicians and maybe even Michelle Obama, heck, I’d work pro bono. Okay, maybe not pro bono but you’d save a lot of shekels with me.
And if you’re concerned that people may not know me – hey – did anyone really know Susan Boyle until her punim made it onto YouTube and she started singing as if she had been performing on Broadway her entire life? Everyone is capable of having their 15 minutes of fame (just watch America’s Got Talent) and I think I’d be able to stretch it to at least 30 minutes on a really good day.
So ABC, if you’re on the lookout for a fresh face for GMA, I’m right here. A Brooklyn native who continually struggles with her weight (the entertainment rags will love me) who currently resides in New Rochelle, NY with a husband, two kids, two cats and two hermit crabs. I’m a quick study, have a pretty good sense of humor, can chat like it’s nobody’s business and am willing to dye my hair blonde if that’s a deal breaker.
If you need to find me, there’s always email, twitter, facebook or skype. Or if you’d rather go with someone more famous, then don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings. Well, maybe it’ll sting just a little, but I can take it. Either way, it’s going to be hard to find someone to fill Diane’s shoes, so I say, don’t. Get someone completely unknown, green, and likeable – who won’t become jaded after she becomes super famous and gets to hang out with Oprah.
Aside from the obvious choice (me), who do you think should really replace Diane Sawyer?