The Vermont Fave Five

Well, the summer is officially coming to an end and that means we just had our last vacation of the season. Boo hoo. But before we close a chapter on yet another adventure on the road, we’ve compiled a video that captures the highlights. If you ever do venture out north and head to Vermont, here’s the inside scoop (literally) on the places to go.
DSCN2903.JPG1. Smuggler’s Notch Resort – we stayed there for five days at a beautiful home complete with two fireplaces, jacuzzi, porches, great views and comfy blankets. Only bad thing – no Verizon cell phone service. Or maybe that was supposed to be a good thing. Highlights of the resort in the summer – the water slides and the reservoir with docks, canoes and a launching pad (check out the video below and you’ll see what I mean). Lesson learned – visit Vermont in July – not the last week of August when the temps start dipping into the 30’s!
DSCN2913.JPG2. Trapp Family Lodge – I am a sucker for anything having to do with the “Sound of Music” so when we got the chance to visit the home of the Von Trapp family, I was ecstatic. From the documentary which shares the story behind the real Maria, to the singing goat in the gift shop, to the talented piano player in the lounge to the amazing views, this was by far my favorite Vermont destination! Incidentally, the Von Trapp family did not make any money from “The Sound of Music” so if you want to support your love of this talented musical family, then book a trip to Vermont and stay at the Trapp Family Lodge!
DSCN2906.JPG3. Ben & Jerry’s Factory – Piece of advice – do not visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory after 6 pm. Because if you do and are expecting to see people making ice cream, all you’ll be watching is the clean-up crew. There’s also a video on how Ben & Jerry’s came to fruition – two flunkies from Merrick, Long Island took a $5 correspondence course on making ice cream, moved to Vermont where the land was cheap and the cows were plentiful and they became gazillionaires. The American Dream at its finest.
4. Cabot Cheese – The one thing I’ve discovered about Vermont is that the cheese is off the hook. Particularly love Cabot white cheddar cheese – which we sampled at 158 Main – a fabulous restaurant in Jeffersonville. Our favorite item on the menu – the Cambridge sandwich – meatloaf, cabot cheese and tomato sauce – yummy!
5. Honorable mention goes to Burlington, VT, a sleepy college town which reminds me of Faneuil Hall in Boston, where I picked up an adorable pair of earrings at a quaint accessories shop and my kids were entertained by a friendly balloon guy. Plus, the fudge shops and restaurants were great too. One more shout out to our final destination – Montpelier, the state capital where we visited a 1950’s diner and had amazing french toast, omelets (with Cabot Cheese of course), pancakes, fruit and home fries!
Obviously, aside from the water sports and the hiking (oh, forgot to mention that those hills are a killer) our days and nights centered around food – which means we’ll be lamenting our weighty issues on the Girdle Chronicles in the coming days! For now, check out this fun video from our trip featuring my hubby, kids, our friends and a singing goat (Incidentally, no animals were harmed in the making of this film).

Role Mommy Road Trip…Vermont 2009 from Beth Feldman on Vimeo.