Music to My Ears

images.jpegIf you’ve been reading Role Mommy this summer, you will have noticed that I have not written about any of my favorite television shows. You see, I make it a point not to get sucked into reality shows – or perhaps I’m still recovering from post traumatic “Big Brother” publicist disorder.
However, if a reality show centers around singing, well then, that’s an entirely different story. So when I found out that Ellen Degeneres had just signed on as a fourth judge for “American Idol,” well I was doing my very own Ellen happy dance!
I can’t wait to see American Idol return with Ellen sitting there sharing her thoughts on all those performances. Sure, there won’t be anymore cat fights between Paula and Simon, but who really cares anyway? American Idol figured out how to get viewers to return in droves and snagging Ellen was the perfect way to go!
In other TV news, I just stumbled upon my new favorite show…Glee on Fox. Give me a series that features musical performances, some comedy thrown in, high school angst and you’ve got me hooked.
Oh…and let’s not forget that in a matter of weeks, Fame, the remake of the classic 80’s movie will be debuting in theaters. Every time a catch a glimpse of the trailer, I just want to break into a chorus of “I Sing the Body Electric.” Better yet, why not watch it and take a trip down memory lane…