Saving the World One Patchwork at a Time

DSC_0156.JPGGet your old t-shirts and scraps of fabric ready for a fun and worthwhile project! Kids across the world are now making pledges to save the planet with their participation in the recently launched Climate Quilt Campaign
The Climate Quilt Campaign, a project co-founded by and the Green Schools Alliance, is an effort to connect children worldwide around the issues of Climate Change and what they can do about it. The Campaign is designed to empower youth, raise awareness, build global community, and be the voice of children around the world who are pledging to do their part to help save our planet.
Children in every country and city throughout the world can get involved through their schools or individually to have their pledge patch included. The goal is to display the finished quilt in Copenhagen during the UN conference on climate change. Leading up to Copenhagen, the quilt will travel to countries on all six continents including the United Kingdom, the Phillipines, China and Australia on the same day in a grand gesture of solidarity as together, children promise to help protect the Earth they will one day inherit.
The Climate Quilt Campaign officially launched on September 23rd on the “Today Show,” where the Climate Quilt was officially debuted on September 22nd. If you and your kids would like to get involved with the project, you can make patches, assist with your sewing expertise, or spread the word to family and friends. It’s also a great way for families to give back, especially as we move into the holiday season. Check out the Today Show video below for more details and visit Habitat Heroes to find out how you and your family can participate in this groundbreaking effort!