We Have A Winner…The HP TouchSmart Web Printer!!!

The HP printer contest is officially closed and we have a winner! Drumroll please…Joanna Smith! Congratulations…you win!!! Please email us ASAP so that we can have that printer sent to your home.
Thank you to everyone for their comments…more exciting giveaways to come. And here’s the original post with everyone’s fabulous comments!!!
Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the brand new HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web Printer – the world’s first web-connected home printer offering people simple, one-touch, wireless, on-demand access to free, popular web content including coupons, maps, recipes, calendars, Sudoku puzzles, coloring pages and more.
After giving the HP TouchSmart a whirl, I was hooked by this new printer in a matter of seconds. I love the fact that you can actually bypass your computer and use the HP TouchSmart to access and print documents found on the web and you can even go directly to sites like USA Today to print out the news or to Fandango to order and print movie tickets! They’re also adding new apps every day to make the lives of consumers easier and more productive. Just think of the HP TouchSmart as an iTouch that prints!
Now here’s the amazing news. The fabulous folks at HP are giving Role Mommy readers the chance to win a HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web (valued at $399). We’d like to hear from you on which printing apps (e.g. story book, fitness regime, etc.) you’d like to see on the HP Photosmart and why you’d love to win this printer! Comment now and a winner will be selected this Friday so keep checking back and make sure you re-tweet it too!
If you are having trouble commenting, please email me your comment at beth@rolemommy.com and I’ll include it. (Sorry – the comment option can be a bit temperamental!)
Jenna McCarthy
In the very distant past, my current “all-in-one” machine did it all: It printed, faxed, scanned, picked winning lottery numbers (practically). Sadly, today it is a broken shell of its former multi-tasking self. The bugger won’t fax, can’t scan and prints as if it is doing so by hand with 97-year-old arthritic fingers. (As a point of reference, it takes almost as many hours to print a 10-page document as I just spent figuring out what an Open ID is and then creating one.) Oh, pretty-pretty please pick me!
Jenna McCarthy, www.jennamccarthy.com

Amy Brewer
Oh my family could really use this. We have a really old Hp printer that is just a printer. Would be nice to upgrade. I tried the comments but it didn’t show up. I would like to see a chart app. like my family each has different chores we do a week so not much is piled on one person and the kids learn responsibility. I would love to have charts ready for other stuff as well.The woman that said the app that would make the pictures ready to go in a photo album was really good. I would love to see that also.
Lisa Brown
HP makes the best printers. Wireless and all in one is the only way to go. Wish I had one, since my old printer broke about a year ago.
I would LOVE this printer because I already have an HP scanner, HP laptop, and HP desktop, so I’d love to complete the set with a printer! 🙂 Thanks so much.
As for an app idea, how about an app that makes printing Iron on Transfers easily? Sometimes printing iron on transfer paper can be a pain in the butt, so an app would make it easier for iron on projects.
Kate Davis
I would love to win this printer because I take pictures of my kids all the time but rarely get prints from the digital copies. Have tons stored on my computer and would love to print them and do wonderful things with them like make photo books.
I’ve been plagued with printer bad luck, I’ve had to but two in the past six months, first one was yanked down to the floor by my 5 year old little cousin, she likes to hang with me and my baby jordan. While, the second one served as a place for my now one year old to empty his sippy cup in, go figure. At this point this unemployed mommy cannot afford a new one and would greatly appreciate a little luck thrown her way. Best of luck to everyone!–NG