The Find’s Fave of the Week

The Offi Overlap Tray

The Offi Overlap tray is a functional bentwood lap tray that has many uses in my household. I first bought it as a bed tray for meals and computer work when I was pregnant and prescribed to bed rest. The tray is now a play table for my preschooler daughter. I love the overlap tray because it is nearly indestructable (it has been jumped on and used as a impromptu stage), the surface is resistant to crayon marks, and lastly it can be easily transported to another room or into the back of the station wagon for weekend getaways. I also adore the modern design, which fits nicely within my home’s eclectic decor. I am hoping this tray will serve a lifetime of practical uses yet to be seen in our growing household. Perhaps next Mother’s Day it will present me with a gourmet breakfast in bed!
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