A Delectable Day with Libby’s & Sara Evans!

Sara and Beth_crop.jpgIt’s been quite the whirlwind week at Role Mommy. In a matter of three days, we’ve had the chance to interact with some of the nicest celebrities we’ve ever met, connect with friends and do the three things we love most…chat, eat and laugh!
Earlier in the week I was invited to be a judge at Libby’s Get Back to the Table recipe competition. The event was held in honor of “Get Back to the Table” month – where Libby’s is encouraging families to get back to the dinner table and enjoy spending quality time with one another.
While racing over to South Street Seaport on a picture perfect afternoon, I got the chance to meet the five finalists of the competition who were anxiously awaiting our verdict. Next, I caught up with the fabulous Isabel Kallman at Alpha Mom and a few minutes later, we were joined by WPIX entertainment reporter Jill Nicolini. As Jill and I chatted away, we both discovered we are huge country music fans (Jill used to live in Nashville – love that) and what made the afternoon even more exciting was that country music superstar and mom, Sara Evans was hosting the event and judging the competition right along with us.
Sara and judges_crop.jpgAfter posing for photos on the red carpet (totally strange and surreal since I used to hold the handbags of celebrities while they took their spot in front of the camera), we were then escorted to the stage where we got the chance to watch the finalists share their recipes with the crowd of onlookers. We then got to sample each dish and then just like “Top Chef” (well not really), we judged them in a slew of categories – from appearance, ease of preparation, originality, creativity and of course, taste!
And while I kept trying to tally points in my head (forgive me Weight Watchers for I have sinned), I delighted in sampling everything from Checkered Flag Chicken Salad to Race, Race to the Table Pasta Tatta, Rob’s Favorite Casserole, SW Chicken Soup and the winning recipe, Scalloped Corn. All of the finalists were required to use Libby’s products in their cuilinary creations and I have to say that each and every one of the dishes were absolutely delish! In fact, I think the SW Chicken Soup and the Scalloped Corn could be served at restaurants. To find out how you can re-create these recipes, then visit the Get Back to the Table site for more details.
In the end, Karen Fausz of Payson, Arizona, who is about to celebrate her 50th Anniversary, took top honors for her scalloped corn recipe. More to come from the event – including an interview with Karen and some tips Sara Evans gave us on how she’s able to stay in shape!
So keep checking back – we’ve got lots of great stories to report this week. Just not enough hours in the day….story of my life!