News from the Twitter Front

In case you live in Westchester and were keeping score, yours truly is the top Twitterer in New Rochelle! How did I find out? Well Julie Alterio (aka @everythingjulie on Twitter) informed me of the news when she wanted to interview me about my status for a Journal News article. So should I be proud of my accomplishment or concerned I may be a Twitiholic? Anyway, here’s the link to the article. And if you care to follow me, I’m @rolemommy. Just please don’t unfollow me…it gives me a complex.

My Life in Fast Forward

I don’t know about you, but lately, I feel like I am always “on.” When I’m with my kids, it’s all about shuttling them from one activity to the next or getting them to school on time with their teeth brushed, requested sandwich in their lunch box or searching aimlessly around the house for a Nintendo charger.
When I’m not the short order cook or the clean-up service, I’m also online – writing, skype-ing, networking and looking out for scintillating tweets that are worthy of re-tweeting. Next, I’m back to editing my book that will be released this November, making sure that I didn’t miss a comma or my grammar sounds semi normal. Plus, I’m writing songs for my local temple’s show. Oh, and did I mention that I’m the Just for Fun co-editor at Lifetime Moms? Which means I’m on the lookout for fun things to do with and without my kids all the time. I guess that’s why this week I’ll be running around town like a chicken with my head cut off. And then I’ll be chatting about my nutty week on my Blog Talk Radio Show.
No, I will not be attending any Fashion Week events – that is so not my thing since I’m self conscious about clothes you can’t actually fit on a normal sized body. Instead, I’m checking out new video games on Monday, then I have a lunch that’s been re-scheduled once since I was too swamped to meet last go round, an interview about the Emmy Awards and then I’ve got to zip home for meet the teacher night at school. On Tuesday, I’ll be hitting three events in one day (from flowers to food to skiing) and then heading home for a conference call for a brand new show on CBS. Then Wednesday, there’s an early luncheon and then I’m hosting a fitness event with Jillian Michaels – you know – the coach who kicks everyone’s butt in “The Biggest Loser.” Be afraid, be very very afraid. I think Thursday is a down day for now – except that’s the day I get weighed so I better start getting serious or else the scale is going to register a weight gain. And finally, on Friday, I have to hit the supermarket in time to start cooking for Rosh Hashana. Then again, maybe I’ll just order from Fresh Direct or the local kosher deli and call it a day.
Something tells me I am so ready for a Calgon moment. But does Calgon even exist anymore? Either way, somebody (preferably my husband) needs to take me away so that I can truly relax – even if it’s just for one weekend. I’m not asking for much. So maybe, when I reach my goal at Weight Watchers, that’ll be the time to make a reservation, dust off my bikinis, throw caution to the wind and dare I say it, take a real vacation! Not one that has me tweeting from a log cabin or blogging from the bathroom. It’s time to re-claim my old life and that means I need to give up my co-dependence on technology. I know it won’t be easy but I owe it to myself, my husband and my kids. I don’t want to be remembered as the mom who blogged her life away. I want to live and then blog about it while everyone’s asleep. And speaking of sleep, that’s my cue to hit the hay.
Night night fellow bloggers…if you’re on fast forward too, please weigh in. I like knowing I’m not the only looney tune in the blogosphere.