Did I Really Eat All That?

DSCN2841.JPGI don’t know about you, but now that every restaurant on the east coast shares the calorie counts of my favorite foods, going out to eat has become really depressing. Especially since it’s September and once again I’m bigger than I was back in June when I vowed that this time, I was going to lose 10 pounds. Wishful thinking. Perhaps if I actually read those calorie counts and then didn’t ignore the fact that pancakes and an omelet at IHOP is over 1000 calories, I would have been fitting back into my skinny jeans.
Why don’t we take a trip down memory lane. Just as Weight Watchers says you should journal everything you eat in one day, I’m just going to capture all the yummy, bad for your butt stuff I inhaled this summer. So let’s start at the very beginning…
Hot dogs
S’mores – lots and lots and lots of ‘smores
Ice cream sundaes
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (well I was at the factory and all)
Creme Brulee
Key Lime Pie – actually that was a Weight Watchers Key Lime pie – except I ate half of it.
California Pizza Kitchen Salad – with a calorie count over 1000!!!
Anything at IHOP – did you know that Buttermilk pancakes are lower in calories than their multi-grain flapjacks. Well, you know now!
McDonald’s French Fries – well we were on our way to New England and the calories don’t officially count when you hit Mickey D’s on a road trip.
A few of my son’s Burger King french fries – I did have a salad though while he was having his sliders.
Oops, I also ate sliders
And Calamari salad with cashews (yum)
Lots of lobster…with butter
Ooh and lobster mashed potatoes
Sushi, sushi and more sushi
Pad Thai
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (yes, I have a lobster fetish)
Chips Ahoy cookies (on road trips)
Indian Food – Nan, Tandoori Chicken, those delectable honey balls…
More pizza
Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes
There’s more food where that came from, but you get the gist. Time to buckle down, start cooking again and lay off the restaurants. And hopefully, by the time I reach November, I’ll be fitting into the size four jeans I had vowed I’d be squeezing into this summer. Better late than never!