Exclusive Radio City Giveaway Opportunity

radio.JPGIf you live in the tri-state area or happen to be visiting NYC next week, then do we have a giveaway opportunity for you. Role Mommy has been given a limited number of tickets to attend a VIP party at Radio City Music Hall featuring the Rockettes and Santa Claus!
This preview event for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular will take place on Tuesday, August 25 from 1:30-4:00 pm and will feature a private tour of Radio City Music Hall – cupcake decorating activity with the famed Magnolia Bakery, distribution of gift bags and photo opportunities with Santa Claus and the Radio City Rockettes. Then, immediately following, attendees are invited to join in their festivities kicking off the 2009 Christmas Spectacular season with a performance by the Radio City Rockettes followed by creating NYC’s longest kick line.
We have 3 tickets left for this giveaway so if you would like to attend with your kids, then all you have to do is comment on our blog and leave your email address so that we can get back in touch with you easily. Share your favorite holiday memory with your kids and you can be a winner!

Listen in to Our First Role Mommy University Session!

Recently, we kicked off our first online Role Mommy University workshops. If you have an idea for a book but don’t know how to build a platform, write a book proposal, land an agent or a publisher or self-publish your work, here at Role Mommy, we’re going to feature all the experts and help you on the road to pursuing your dream.
Stacey Kannenberg, author of Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten (which has sold more than 70,000 copies!) was on hand to share the ins and outs of building a platform so that you can become a bestselling author!
Listen in to our interview with Stacey on Blog Talk Radio and get ready to start building your platform to land that book deal or self publish and sell books!

We will be kicking off an entire semester of Role Mommy University this fall and will be alerting our subscribers shortly of all our fabulous participants. In the meantime, if you would like to be considered as a speaker or if you’d like to enroll in the program, please email us at and we will be in touch in the coming weeks with details!

Blogger Opportunity with The Doctors

If you’re a mom blogger, Role Mommy is excited to offer you an exclusive personal appointment with THE DOCTORS, the Emmy nominated series that is also the fastest growing talk show on television. THE DOCTORS premiered on September 8, 2008, introducing an entirely new concept to the TV landscape — real doctors covering the latest medical news in the headlines and the most cutting-edge medical procedures and health and fitness trends in a relatable fashion.
The hosts of THE DOCTORS are ER physician Dr. Travis Stork; obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson; plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon; and pediatrician Dr. James Sears. Last season, some of the topics discussed on THE DOCTORS included potty training techniques, getting your baby to sleep, proper nutrition for kids, combating childhood obesity, vaccinations and autism, kids and swine flue, the mommy make-over, severe childhood allergies, and kids who refuse to eat.
Your appointment with THE DOCTORS consists of two opportunities:
All Mommy bloggers are invited to participate in a conference call interview with hosts Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Jim Sears on Tuesday, August 25 at 3:00 PM ET (12:00 PM PT). Dr. Stork, a former “Bachelor” from the popular dating show, is an ER physician and instructor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Dr. Sears, a member of the preeminent Sears family of pediatricians, is the best -selling author of such titles as “The Baby Book” and “The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood.” Please RSVP to David Sperber at David.Sperber@cbs.com to obtain call-in information for the conference call interview.
Your 2nd opportunity pertains to all Mommy Bloggers who live in the Southern-California area — you are invited to attend a taping of THE DOCTORS at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on Friday, August 28 at 11:00 AM. After the taping, you will have a personal meet & greet with the doctors back stage. Please RSVP to David.Sperber@cbs.com to reserve your tickets to the taping.
To learn more about THE DOCTORS and to obtain information about local listings, please visit our website at www.thedoctorstv.com.

The Find’s Fave of the Week

Milkdot PVC-free Lunch Tote
As the new school year draws near my search for the perfect lunch box goes into full swing. I was looking for a PVC-free and lead-free bag that is insulated and can accommodate a Sigg bottle and bento box lunches. Of course it has to be modern, good looking and easy for my preschooler to carry. After a thorough online search I have found the perfect lunch tote. The Stoh lunch tote by Milkdot meets all of my wish list requirements and it comes in a sweet pink/brown color combo. The Stoh also comes in blue/brown. Not to mention the fact that the Stoh lunch tote is designed by a very chic New York mom named Janet Cho who is a graphic designer and founder of Milkdot. The Stoh lunch box has modern appeal for me and I’m sure that we’ll be taking the tote on outings as well. I’m impressed by the thoughtful functionality of the Stoh lunch tote. For one it can fold flat, a plus for storage. It has ID tag which will hopefully prevent it from going missing, inside pockets to hold ice packs, a water repellent finish, outside pocket for utensils and napkins, and there is a magnetic closure to keep the handles together when carrying the tote.

Camp Grandma & Grandpa

IMG_0005.JPGWhile many of my friends are welcoming their children back from sleepaway camp and others have filled their kids’ backpacks with tips for their day camp counselors, my daughter and her good friend just shared a wonderful week at a camp that is completely free of charge.
I’m sure you’re wondering – where can I sign my kid up next year for a free camp? Well, unless they’re related to my parents, we will have to put your kids on a waiting list. You see, after my daughter returned from sleepaway camp we decided she’d spend a week at her grandparents’ house and she asked if she could bring her friend. And despite the fact that my folks have quite an active schedule as seniors, they welcomed them both into their lives with open arms.
But the best part about being at my parent’s house wasn’t necessarily the unlimited swimming, beach visits, shopping and top notch cooking, it was the unique day trips the girls got to take as my parents insisted they tag along and meet their eclectic group of friends.
Earlier in the week, the girls took a day trip to Weight Watchers. While most people might think a place where people frantically worry about whether they’ve lost a half a pound is pretty boring, well think again. It turns out that on this special day, all the members were throwing a birthday party for their fearless leader and my daughter and her friend got to find out the point value in everything from key lime pie to angel food cake with pineapples, to brownie cakes. Even though they’re both thin as a rail, it’s never too early to start counting points!
Next up, was a trip to the home of one of my parent’s tap dancing compatriots. You should know that my folks have always been fond of dancing together and over the last two years, they take weekly tap dancing lessons. This year, the venue for their troupe was moved to the former home or shall I say mansion of Rose Vanderbilt! While the Vanderbilt family moved out a long time ago, the incredibly gracious woman and tapper who lives there now, invited my daughter and her friend to tour the grounds along with her dog, Gladstone. And so, as the Doris Dunn Dancers practiced their soft shoe, Rebecca and Caelin counted all the guest bedrooms and bathrooms in the mansion. In case you’re wondering – there are 22 bedrooms! Plus, there’s a red room, a purple room and artwork of the Vanderbilt family there too. How cool is that? I’ve already started asking my mom to tag along on their next tap dancing adventure.
In between a visit to the beach, a trip to Friendly’s and a movie showing of Aliens in the Attic and an at home screening of 17 Again, the girls also attended a carnival thrown by the Southampton Chabad House. For several hours, the girls learned how to make challah, played games and won valuable prizes, like a plastic squishy thing you can put on your counter and it flies through the air.
At the beginning of the week, the girls were given some spending money and so, when my mom decided to take them to Target on a particularly cloudy day, they grabbed their cash and were ready to do some serious shopping. The funny thing is, since this was the first time they got the chance to shop and pay for their own stuff, they both discovered that some of their favorite things are pretty darn expensive. And so, as they tallied up the costs, rather than purchase a new bathing suit or a pair of boots for school, they opted for less expensive trinkets and craft items and even managed to save a few dollars to buy a birthday present for my friend’s son. Who knew they’d even learn the value of money at Grandma’s house?
Today, the day started with a visit to the pool, a day of sand and sun at the beach, a game of catch in the backyard and lots of television viewing. Well it is the weekend and that’s when all those Disney shows air their new episodes. (Yes, I watch them too).
And so, as their week at Camp Grandma and Grandpa comes to a close, my daughter is already planning to book another free week next summer at my parents’ house. No matter how much money you spend on camp, a week away with your grandparents is truly priceless indeed.

A Family Play Day with Kool-Aid & KaBOOM!

Play Day Banner - Large Square

It’s been a whirlwind week here at Role Mommy where we kicked off our Monday with the announcement that we were named one of the Just For Fun editors at Lifetime Moms along with Rock and Roll Mama. And in keeping with the spirit of our new title, Role Mommy hosted a Play Day along with Kool-Aid and KaBOOM! to help promote a nationwide initiative to encourage individuals to host community play days in their hometowns from September 19-September 27.
KaBOOM! Play Days are free, fun-for-the-whole-family outdoor events that celebrate play! You can plan and host one in your community with the help of their new Play Day Planner. Act quickly and you’ll even get a FREE Play Day Kit, too!

Check out this great shot of some super cool mom bloggers hanging out with the Kool-Aid Man! (From left to right: Kimberly at Mom in the City, Esti at Primetime Parenting, Katja at Skimbaco Lifestyle, Beth at Role Mommy, Liz at Cool Mom Picks & Mom 101 and Anna at Mommy Poppins).
At our NYC Play Day kick off event at Studio 450, some of our favorite parenting bloggers were on hand along with their kids for an afternoon of games, crafts, sliders, mini ice cream cones, mac and cheese, chicken fingers and of course…Kool-Aid! Plus, celebrity children’s photographer Jade Albert photographed more than two dozen moms and their kids. The resulting photos were so magnificent that a few could easily wind up on magazine covers – no joke!
We even hosted our Role Mommy & Friends show on Blog Talk Radio live for three hours – interviewing our amazing attendees as well as representatives from KaBOOM! and Kool-Aid. We did try to nab an exclusive interview with the Kool-Aid Man but we discovered he’s the strong silent type.If you missed out on the action, have no fear! We’ve got our Blog Talk Radio show that you can listen in to while you’re working, cleaning, getting the kids ready for camp, or just plain chilling out. Plus, we also have great re-cap video and Whrrl photo montage with links to all the incredible blogging parents who came out to support a great cause and enjoy a fun filled play day with their kids.

Untitled from Beth Feldman on Vimeo.

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The Chance of a Lifetime

Lifetime_Logo.jpgOkay – so maybe that’s a corny headline, but all I can say is, I’ve spent most of my career behind the scenes in television so I am beyond excited to announce that I’m going to be a contributing editor in the Just for Fun department of the brand spankin’ new website Lifetime Moms.
When I was first invited to be a part of this new site, I was thrilled to learn that they not only want me to talk about all the fun things that I do with my family and my friends, but best of all, they wanted it to be in my voice! And you know what that means…I’ll be offering advice and tips with a mix of humor, a dash of sarcasm and maybe a great deal thrown in from time to time!
Oh, and here’s the cool part. In addition to writing for the site, yours truly will finally get her close up in front of the camera! Rather than hold the purse of a celebrity while she’s about to do an interview, or feed a dog a bagel so another star could participate in an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot, I am going to get the chance to pose for photos, and record on-air promos that will not only run on the Lifetime site but on-air too! On-air I tell you – alongside the ladies of Project Runway, those amazing Army Wives and all those Lifetime Original Movies that make you want to stock up on several cartons of kleenex.
Now here’s the really cool thing about this exciting new undertaking. I’m going to have a partner in crime on the Just for Fun page and it’s none other than one of my all-time favorite blogging moms, Lindsay Maines at Rock and Roll Mama. And while there are 14 of us who are starting off on this adventure, we’re actually going to get the chance to welcome our favorite blogging moms into this exciting new network as well. So now that I’ve shared my news, take a look at Lifetime Moms, visit the pages of all the fabulous bloggers participating, and make sure to visit often!

The Girdle Chronicles

thighfat-main_Full.jpgI don’t know why, but every time I visit my parents in Southampton, I immediately come to the conclusion that it’s time to suck it up and visit the nearest Weight Watchers center stat. Today’s incident du jour involved a stroll down Job’s lane and an unintentionally rude comment about my body shape by a tactless shop girl.
So let’s start with the stroll. If you have never visited the Hamptons and are packing on some extra pounds, this is your alert to stay far far away from Southampton. The reason my flabby friend is simple. The place has been infiltrated by long legged models, Italian tourists and wealthy socialites with perfect knees, pouty collagen injected lips, designer sun dresses, $1000 handbags and bazillion dollar sandals. Walking along the streets of Southampton used to be relaxing. Now it’s more like I’ve just stepped into a scene from the Real Housewives reality show.
Which leads me to the experience I’m sure I’ll one day forget when I’m residing at an assisted living facility in Boca. These days, we pretty much avoid most of the shops in the area since their prices have hit the stratosphere. Sorry Ms. Snooty Store Manager. I refuse to pay $300 for the same sequined top I saw in your store last season for $49 thank you very much. But there are a few shops with decent prices and so, when a gorgeous black and white flouncy dress caught my eye, I decided to give it a shot and step inside for a closer look see. After selecting three dresses in what I thought was my size (at least it’s my size at Ann Taylor), I slipped into the dressing room and then wrestled to get my body into the first outfit. At first, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fit the dress over my thighs. And so, I decided instead to slip it over my head. Next, after I zipped it up and attempted to buckle a wide belt to complete the ensemble, I swung open the door to show my mom and then it happened.
“Oh, that dress doesn’t look good on you at all. It makes you look really hippy.”
Now who do you think uttered that phrase? Well, it wasn’t my mom. Nor was it a middle aged sales clerk because if it had been a woman who was 10 years older than me, she would have said, “Honey, you look lovely. Now let me show you some accessories that’ll accentuate your lovely neckline.” But to my chagrin, there was a twentysomething rail thin salesgirl on duty who pulled no punches.
Sure, I know my hips have expanded as of late – possibly because I spend way too much time sitting on the couch typing away on my computer then taking yoga, spinning and pilates classes, but isn’t there a salesgirl code of conduct or something? Are you supposed to tell your patrons when they look fat in a form fitting dress or just keep it to yourself? To make matters worse, she tried to shove another frock in my face that she thought would be perfect for my shape (Pear women of the universe unite). The only problem was, it was one size too small and it started cutting off the circulation in my jiggly arms.
And so, after trying on four dresses that pinched me around the triceps, clung to my hips and felt snug around my middle – where incidentally, I’ve actually never had a problem, I made a monumental decision. I will no longer shop at upscale boutiques featuring European fashions where sales girls shoot me telepathic messages to lay off the chardonnay and eat a few more carrot sticks. Instead, I’m going back to old faithful – Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft – where I’m always a size six and the saleswomen tell me I look fabulous even if I’ve grown a little mushy around the middle. Let’s face it, flattery will get you my credit card. And brutal honesty, will send me racing for the door.
Some Great Weight Related Links of the Week
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From losing weight with watermelon juice, to Seven Ways to Go from Stress to Refreshed, if you haven’t visited the Our Lady of Weight Loss site and signed up for her Kick in the Tush newsletter, then you don’t know what you’re missing!
Motivation du Jour from The Mojo Coach
Check out Debi Silber’s latest Beware of Limiting Labels Feature in our Community Pages.

Role Mommy on the Run & Traveling Mom

Today’s Blog Talk Radio show featured Nancy Wackstein, Executive Director for United Neighborhood Houses who shares how more than 1000 kids from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds have had the opportunity this summer to learn more about Jackie Robinson, meet and hear from former World Series champions and attend a Mets game at Citi Field! Then our partner in crime Kim Orlando called in and we caught up on everything from family cruising, to Kentucky, Boynton Beach memoirs and much more!

An Inspiring Day at Citi Field Stadium

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citi field kids, group shotIt’s not every day that I take my kids to see the Mets without my husband. Actually, I’ve never taken my kids to a baseball stadium without their dad, but all that changed yesterday when we were invited by Citi Field and the Mets to participate in a special program they’ve kicked off at the ballpark called Citi Field Kids. Citi Field Kids is an educational and motivational community based initiative for New York City school students developed by Citi in collaboration with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, United Neighborhood Houses, and the Mets. The program kicked off on April 15th in conjunction with Major League Baseball’s annual Jackie Robinson Day, and we were lucky enough to experience the fifth installment along with over 200 elementary, middle and high school children.
As soon as we arrived, all the kids received complimentary t-shirts and we were then introduced to Heather Cannady, a Jackie Robinson scholar who graduated Magna Cum Laude from NYU and then went on to Harvard University where she earned her law degree. Heather, who got the chance to pursue her dreams because of a Jackie Robinson scholarship, guided us into the rotunda where we all learned about the life and legacy of the baseball legend. What impressed me most about the rotunda (which incidentally is a replica of Brooklyn’s famed Ebbet’s Field) was the photo gallery of Jackie Robinson adorning the walls as well as Robinson’s inspiring message about having the power within ourselves to make a difference: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
Along with the impressive photos chronicling Robinson’s life, the rotunda also showcases nine values embodied by the legendary ball player, including courage, integrity, determination, persistence, citizenship, justice, commitment, teamwork and excellence.
DSCN2767.JPGOnce the kids posed for a group photo on the majestic steps of the rotunda, we were then brought to an auditorium where former 1969 Mets World Series champion, Ed Charles shared why Jackie Robinson was a personal role model to him. Charles fondly recalls watching Jackie Robinson in action during spring training and as a result, he became determined to pursue his personal dream of making it in the major leagues. Heather also shared the story of how the Jackie Robinson scholarship enabled her to achieve her academic goals – attending NYU and Harvard University Law School – the same program attended by President Obama.
DSCN2796.JPGThe presentation also included videos of Jackie Robinson and the Amazing 1969 Mets as well as a rags to riches story by the event host, who, despite the odds, reinvented his career late in life and is now living his dream as a television sportscaster.
Next, we learned that one lucky 11 year old girl who is an avid ball player, was selected to throw out the first pitch of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals. And before we knew it, the session ended with a surprise visit by Mr. Met. The kids were then presented with a special Citi Field Kids knapsack that was chock full of goodies – from a baseball hat, to key chain, reporter notebook, and a book celebrating Jackie Robinson’s life. Of course, my two young charges wanted a little something extra, so I splurged for two Mr. Met dolls.
After the kids used their complimentary gift cards for hot dogs, soda and Carvel ice cream, it was time to watch the game. And I have to say, even though I’m admittedly a fair weather fan, it was pretty exciting to spend a day with my kids in the brand new Citi Field stadium. The Mets’ bats were on fire, with David Wright hitting a home run, a brand new player having his very first career hit and the team scoring an amazing nine runs and shutting out the Cardinals 9-0.
As the day drew to a close, it was truly a perfect afternoon. Having the opportunity to witness hundreds of kids be inspired by true role models who were doing what they love is an amazing opportunity that is sure to have a profound impact on their young lives. And it all began with Jackie Robinson – whose legacy will forever be etched in history, as the man who bridged the divide and shattered racial barriers – paving the way for several generations of athletes and individuals to proudly walk in his footsteps.
And now, for some behind the scenes video from our incredibly memorable afternoon!

An Inspiring Day at Citi Field Stadium from Beth Feldman on Vimeo.