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Lifetime_Logo.jpgOver at Lifetime Moms, we’ve got lots of several entertaining articles for you to read, including our exclusive interview with Lois Duncan – whose novel “A Stranger with My Face” airs this weekend on Lifetime Movie Network. Plus, we step back into our past with a post of our favorite childhood movies and even share clips from the classics and we also offer the 411 on Cruising. Plus, our co-editor Lindsay has great interviews and articles you’ve got to see. It’s all fun, all the time!

The Find’s Fave of the Week

Corral Toy Clutter with Stylish Fabric Bins
The battle to keep toys tidy and in their place is a 24/7 job. The key to keeping toys from mysteriously multiplying around the house is to place storage bins in each room. Corralling toys is easy when you have a stylish storage container like these from the Netto Collection and Dwell Baby.
The Netto Collection felt storage boxes. Made in Canada of thick plush felt, the containers come in white and gray. Although a bit on the pricey side these beautiful boxes are made by a company with sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. Their furniture collection is non-VOC and uses sustainably harvested wood. These boxes are meant to complement the Netto Collection changing tables, but I also love them on their own, inside a bookcase or under a bench as a hideaway for toys in our living room.
Also stylish on their own or to complement the Dwell Baby line, these Dwell storage bins are they key to keeping clutter in check. Use the chocolate dots design for family living areas or the “Gio” aqua design for use in children’s bedrooms. Measuring 15″wide x 17″h x 15″ deep this box can hold a play date’s worth of toys and can even be used as an ad-hoc laundry bin.