The Find’s Fave of the Week

Gear Up for Potty Training
Arm yourself with everything you need for successful potty training. Start with a potty seat that is comfortable for your child. My recommendation for a potty seat is the Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer. It adjusts to fit any toilet seat and has a rubber ring to keep it in place so that it won’t slip. It is made of one solid piece of smooth plastic so there are no sharp edges. There are plenty of different types of seats to choose from. Find one that suits the needs of your child and yourself.
Next you will need some “tools”. Here are a few of my favorites:
BooksSometimes it takes awhile to get the job done. Books help keep your toddler entertained while on the potty- hopefully long enough to make something happen. Books on the potty training topic are particularly helpful and can be read to the child prior to starting the training process to gear up.
Potty Charts Children do well with positive reinforcement. Track their progress with stickers and reward them when a goal is reached.
Training Pants Go old school with cloth training pants and a plastic cover for faster results. Your child will feel when he/she is wet and will likely learn a lot faster.
Potty Training Doll– a potty training partner in crime!
M&M’s When all else fails, bribe them!