The Entertainment Fave Five

Well, we’re deep in the throes of summer and that can mean only one thing – great books, cheesy reality TV, family movies and Michael Jackson tributes. So this week, we’ve managed to pull together a fave five that’ll cover all your entertainment bases.
images.jpeg1. First up, let’s tackle all that Michael Jackson coverage we’ve been watching every day for nearly a week. I’ve managed to take in everything from ET, The Insider, TMZ, Bill O’Reilly, CNN American Morning, Nancy Grace, CBS News, Today Show, GMA but my all time favorite tribute to the King of Pop took place this past Friday when I watched “Dateline NBC’s” comprehensive coverage of the tragic life and legacy of Michael Jackson called “Remember the Time.” If you’re a magazine afficionado, People Magazine’s double issue kicks US Weekly’s coverage this week. Was tempted to pick up Time and Newsweek too but figured that People pretty much gives you everything – heartwrenching story, retrospective and a photo album – need I say more?
images-1.jpeg2. Cheesy Reality TV alert…Okay, I thought I was hooked by “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here,” but once one of the Baldwin brothers left, I tuned out. Instead, I’m now totally addicted to Dance Your Ass Off on Oxygen. I think I better get me to a dance class soon or else I’ll wind up being a contestant. Check out host Marisa Jaret Winokur (who seems to be getting smaller each episode) who cheers on these zaftig hoofers!!!
3. Family Movie Alert! So far, we’ve seen Up!, Night at the Museum 2, and Ice Age: The Meltdown. My personal favorite kids’ flick is Up! My seven year old son’s fave is Ice Age so be warned – you may go for the weepier film, but kids seem to love squirrels fighting over nuts rather than old men and boy scouts traveling in a house made of balloons. Coming soon…Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – I am so there!
4. If you actually got a babysitter then here’s the word of mom pick that we’ve been hearing about on our 8:48 commuter train. The Hangover. I know – crazy – but we’re not that jazzed about “My Sister’s Keeper” since it’s not getting good reviews and we have seen the “Taking Pelham 123” and did enjoy it, but the word on the street is that “The Hangover” is hilarious. Next week when we lock in our teen sitter, we are definitely hitting the theaters to check out it out.
5. And now, for our summer book alert. We’ll have a more comprehensive list soon, but we have to let you in on the book that is feverishly passing through the hands of our in the know book reading friends and my bookish mom. It’s called Sarah’s Key and so far, everyone I know couldn’t put it down and finished it within two days. I’ve got it in my bag and am so ready to dive in!

So you’ve heard it here first Role Mommies – your 411 on TV, films, books, Michael Jackson Tributes and much more!