The Busy Moms Fave Five

Hello Busy Moms! Looking to be brought up to speed on the day’s events from the world of TV, music, food and blogging? Well, then you’re in luck with today’s fave five.
1. Michael Jackson never-before-seen Pepsi video. While on the elliptical this morning, I flipped on the Today Show and caught an interview with US Weekly editor in chief Janice Min who shared footage of Jackson’s hair catching fire during that now famous Pepsi commercial shoot that actually propelled Michael into a life of addictive plastic surgery. According to Min, Jackson wore his one white glove because he was battling vitiligo and his dermatologist – the same guy who allegedly is the father of Jackson’s kids, was by his side when his hair and scalp were burned. Check out the exclusive video from US Weekly. Pretty graphic and scary!
2. The PR Blackout blogger debate. It all started on MomDot. A suggestion that bloggers take a week off from reviewing products and doing giveaways so they can blog about what excites them or maybe take a break and spend time with their families. And within 24 hours, there was backlash aplenty from other bloggers, PR firms and mainstream media. One of my favorite writers, Liz Gumbinner posted this powerful essay on the BlogHer site and then, even Newsweek weighed in!
3. Big Sale on Sunscreen at CVS! It’s July and I don’t know about you, but we’re running low on sunscreen. And as luck would have it the folks at are running a huge sale on their sunscreen and skin care items. From July 11-26 is having a Web exclusive sale for their store brand sun care items that offers shoppers a 30% discount on all sunscreens, sun blocks, lip protectants and many more beach and skin essentials. In addition to fabulous products, also has a health learning resource center, with interactive quizzes about sun safety and skin cancer.
4. Healthy Recipes from the Mojo Coach. I don’t know about you, but as much as I want to lose weight, the hardest thing I struggle with is not preparing healthy foods to keep me satisfied. Today, our very own Debi Silber posted a blog featuring healthy recipes that are easy to prepare. So I guess I’ve got no more excuses.
5. And the Emmy Nod Goes to... If you’re a TV fanatic like me but was too busy getting your son ready for day camp, then you might have missed this morning’s Emmy nominations. Well, let me make your life simple and provide you with some conversation starters this weekend. USA Today Online features all the nominations, the shows that were snubbed, and the ones that finally got an Emmy nod.

My Cheesy 80’s Playlist

Thanks to the fabulous tween website JAM, I discovered a very cool application from a site called Mixpod where I can create my own playlist and embed it on my blog. Now here’s the cool thing – when I searched the site, I found nearly every cheesy 80’s and 90’s tune I could think of – plus classics of course and this is what I came up with. Get ready to step into your time machine and start singing!

MySpace Playlist at

Incidentally, if you’re the mom of a tween, then turn them on to JAM – it was created by the head of Wilhemina Kids who has a series of books for tweens coming out this fall and it’s an inspiring site that features stories by real tween reporters.