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Before I finally head outside so I can enjoy this beautiful summer day sans kids (yes, day two of my weekend and I’m free all day!!!), wanted to share some great links I found featuring bloggers in the news as well as link love to some must read and must see posts!
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2009 Summer Beach Reads

Summer is finally here and that only means one thing. Time to devour at least 10 books this summer and so far, I’ve managed to finish one, am in the middle of a second and have plenty more I want to crack open before Labor Day. I’ve polled my favorite moms on their summer beach reads and thanks to Victoria at Mummy Chronicles, my mom and my girlfriends on the 8:48 (my commuter train), here’s the Role Mommy Summer 2009 Book List:

1. Sarah’s Key – This one has been passing through the hands of so many of my friends that I knew I had to read it. And now that my mom just finished it in two days, I managed to get my hands on a copy without having to pay for it. Score! It’s a sad story about a French girl living during the Holocaust – heavy story, tear jerker, but all in all – according to everyone who has picked it…it’s a fast read.
2. Rattled – If you’re looking for a fun beach read, then pick up Christine Coppa’s memoir about how her life as a magazine editor on the rise was turned upside down when she became pregnant. Christine writes the Storked blog at Glamour if you want to check out her writing before you dive in to this new book. It’s a fun and humorous read and it’s even bittersweet.
3. Prairie Tale – Okay – so here’s another embarrassing confession – I was a total “Little House on the Prairie” fanatic so when Melissa Gilbert announced that she had some serious addictions while she was doing the show and she even comes clean about her relationships (remember she dated Rob Lowe for like a bazillion years), I have to say, I’m definitely interested in reading this one cover to cover.
4. Dune Road – It’s summer time and that can only mean one thing…Jane Green has another book out and I can’t wait to read it. And what better way to read a great book for the beach then racing through a novel that takes place in the Hamptons. Sheer perfection!
5. Best Friends Forever – I am so excited that Jennifer Weiner has a new book out this summer too! Between Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner and Sophie Kinsella, you’ll be completely set for those lazy summer beach days!
6. Those Who Save Us – This bonus pick comes from my mom who’s a voracious reader and she says this novel by Jenna Blum is a must read about a woman who refuses to discuss her past life until her daughter, uncovers the truth.
For more great reads from one of our favorite bloggers, Victoria at The Mummy Chronicles shares her must reads of the season:

If you’d like to see more of our favorite reads of the year, then just visit the Role Mommy book store!

Giveaway Central: Passion Pleasers

As the lifestyle editor here at RoleMommy I feel it is incumbent upon me to cover ALL aspects of a mom’s lifestyle which include drum roll… the bedroom and the activity or lack thereof that is taking place in there. I mean mamas lets’ face it- SEX is a big part of a relationship- or at least- was one of the make-or-break its that you crossed off on your list when you decided to marry your beau.
As a veteran in this institution of marriage- (heck I’ve clocked ten years so far) I can honestly say- that my mommy lifestyle has been sorely lacking that three letter word and yes- I’m beginning to feel more like my husband and I are a modern day version of the Odd couple- Felix and Oscar– with me fitting Felix to a tee and him- being a grouchy, slovenly Oscar- minus the cigars- bed full of dirty clothes because yes- thankfully after 10 years we’re still sleeping in the same bed. I was utterly shocked by the enormous number of married couples who I’ve slowly come to find out- sleep in separate rooms!
Yes- our nights often go something like this…ME feeding the kids, bathing the kids, brushing their teeth- watching yet another episode of the Jonas Brothers while simultaneously watching my son create a monster tower with his Lego’s- fielding demands like; “Mommy I want an apples with the skin peeled off… Can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off, I don’t want to go to sleep, why do I have to go to sleep, can you sleep with me…” until my husband FINALLY walks through the door- and sits at his computer and continues to do work. When I make it to bed- I’m usually out as soon as my head hits the pillow- and although I feel my husband lying next to me- that’s the extent of our “physical intimate ” relationship..
YES VERY depressing… what happened to those days when we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, well they’re long gone! So what’s a lonely mama to do- to put a little vroom vroom back into her lackluster married sex life? Enter DEVINE TOYS!!! No don’t think tacky, squeaky porno-type of sex toys this company is all about discretion and glamour– yep- glamorous rev up your sex life accessories. They’re all about accessorizing, celebrating and safeguarding your sexuality and to that end create stylish accessories for the modern couples’ intimate side. And one of you LUCKY mamas is going to win your very own Devine Toy Box and Afterglow singles to bring sexy back to you sex-deprived mommies in the trenches. Keep reading for all the deets…
The Devine Toy Box which is a flirty fortress styled of satin, lace, faux silver crocodile in brilliant hues featuring a lock with a key to keep little hands out of it, will become yours and your hubby’s virtual pleasure chest! And one lucky mama is going to receive some bonus goodies inside courtesy of Ophoria and OhMiBod: that will really help you bring back that “lovin feelin!”
I have test-driven one of my very own Devine Toy Boxes and all I can say is that after a LONG day- if I manage to whip it out, I can usually get my husband to perk up! And to sweeten the pot- you’re also going to get a several Afterglow singles; handy and hygienic wipes that are designed to remove residue from one’s romance accessories. They are also a personal tissue, making them ideal for any Mommy on the go! You can use them to wipe your hands in the car and to even clean those public children’s toys at the doctor’s office.
And if that weren’t enough the good folks at Devine Toys, who truly are on a mission to increase the fun quotient in the boudoir for all couples- are offering five additional lucky readers a small bundle (5 -10) of Afterglow singles as part of the Devine Toys giveaway.
To enter to win just leave me a comment about “Why you’re a Mommy who needs a Devine Toy Box and a little Afterglow in her life! You can also tweet about this contest for an extra entry.
Good Luck!
Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses. Giveaway ends on Tuesday July 21st at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. On Wednesday July 22nd Random.org will select one winner, and I’ll email them and announce it immediately.