The Lego Fanatic

Ever wonder how a kid develops a passion for construction? Well, my son has become an architect in training and he has Legos to thank for his newfound fascination with brick building. Check out this video and tell us if you have a Lego fanatic on your hands too!

Strike a Pose

7523_6776f60a-399a-468e-8451-1bd9ea43336f.jpegSo my daughter has been gone for one dozen days and from what I’ve been seeing on the camp website, she is having the time of her life. You see, thanks to this very cool website called Bunk1, I get to see photos of my daughter every single day that she’s at camp. The only problem is, every time I visit the site to look for my daughter, there are literally hundreds of pix on the site and she’s in a total of one. There are times, like last night where I got lucky and saw four shots of her but for the most part, whenever the photographer is around, my daughter is MIA.
As I was on the lookout for photos of my daughter, I also noticed that there are some kids at camp whose parents either told them they’d pay them 5 bucks every time they pose for a picture, or they’re supermodels in training. My friend Robin says she’s got one of those kids at her camp too. Her name is Mackenzie. While she’s desperately trying to catch a glimpse of her daughter and son (who always seem to be far far away from the photographer), there’s Mackenzie, front and center striking a pose for her parents.
beccasillyI even went so far as to tell my daughter to throw herself in front of the camera once in awhile. I mean, is that really so terrible? I only get to speak with her once a week and the last letter I received from her told me to send stamps, so don’t I deserve to see her flashing me a grin to confirm she’s having a great time? After our last phone convo, my gentle instructions seem to have worked. She’s been posing like a fiend and I’m finally getting some great shots of her for the surprise I’m cooking up once she gets home!
Every time I have found photos on the site, I’ve been saving them because I’m planning to upload them to the Kodak website so I can surprise her with a photo album of her summer. Right before she left for camp I actually went to CVS and used one of the Kodak machines to create an album of her school friends so she could show it to her fellow campers or just thumb through it if she was feeling blue (so far, no homesickness has been reported).
Even though I’ve never been the photo album or scrapbooking kind of mom, I have to say it makes my life so much easier when all I have to do is take my photos, load it up to Kodak, click a few buttons, and bada bing, bada boom, I have an album. Time to run…have to hit Bunk1 to see if there are any more photos!!!