The Lazy Conservationist

images-3.jpegI’d like to be a green mom who buys recyclable bags when I go grocery shopping, or installs energy efficient light bulbs in all our bedrooms, who is diligent about separating paper from plastic, but I have to face facts. I’m a lazy conservationist.
The only reason why my house is energy efficient is not because I’ve actually replaced our light bulbs with those weird looking squiggly ones. I’m just too lazy to change the bulbs once they blow. In fact, our bedroom lights went out about six months ago and while I’m pretty sure a rodent probably bit through the wiring, instead of calling an electrician to fix the high hat problem, I’ve grown accustomed to using lamps.
In the master bathroom, we’re down to three lights – the rest went bust over the last six months. And our cathedral ceiling lights are going out one by one so that by the end of the summer, we’ll probably be lighting the place with candles.
Now about the bag situation. I really would love to use a recyclable bag, but I’m addicted to plastic. I do re-use the plastic bags for things like cat litter or my son’s camp lunch (spiderman lunch boxes are not allowed), but years ago I developed an aversion to paper bags (blame it on the roaches) and I just leaned towards the plastic version and stuck with it. Now that plastic bags are becoming as passe as cigarettes, I guess I better get my eco-butt in gear and purchase a few bags made out of laminated newspaper stories.
And as for recycling skills, sadly – they’re much to be desired. I try to put all my diet coke bottles and cans together and my husband manages to drop all the paper he finds next to our garbage can. While I know he’s being conscientious about separating paper from plastic, it drives me nuts to see our junk mail on the floor so I usually grab it and toss it in the trash.
And what about those bottles? I’m hearing now that it’s actually more dangerous to drink bottled water than to just turn on the tap. Wow, I’m actually being eco-friendly without even trying. Whenever my son asks for water, I turn on the faucet and give him a cup of mother nature’s finest brew…compliments of the Westchester Reservoir.
I know I’m in desperate need of an energy intervention but all I can say is, I want to be green. It just ain’t that easy. Thank you Kermit the frog. I owe you one.

Role Mommy Vacation Deals

It’s summer time and that can only mean one thing. It’s road trip season! And here at Role Mommy, we’re teaming up with some fabulous travel partners that are offering last minute vacation options and discounts for families. If you’re anything like me, you still haven’t booked a trip or bought a new bathing suit since you were planning on losing 10 lbs. and you woke up and realized, it’s July and it’s time to take some much needed time off and invest in a Miracle Suit.
But let’s get down to the topic at hand. Role Mommy Road Trips. This summer, we’ll be featuring some great vacation options for families and we’re offering special Role Mommy discounts too. So get ready to make some reservations and start packing!
club getawayOur first vacation offer comes from Club Getaway – Do you secretly find yourself envious that your kids get to have all the fun this summer at camp while you commute back and forth to work or spend the day running errands and doing laundry? Well, we’ve got a great place where you can step back in time and relive your childhood right along with your kids!
At Club Getaway, you get everything you want in a vacation in one amazing, affordable weekend. Enjoy your favorite sports, activities and adventures… try something new… kick back and socialize… celebrate with great food and parties… relax in the great outdoors. And it’s all included in one low price.
Set on 300 acres in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in Kent, CT, Club Getaway is just 90 minutes from NY by car or Getaway bus and 2½ hours from Boston.
Now here’s the best part. If you book a Club Getaway trip this summer, you can qualify for a special Role Mommy discount! You’ll get $200 off your family vacation if you reserve your spot now! Visit this Club Getaway Role Mommy discount page for additional details and then, if you’re ready to plan your family adventure, visit Club Getaway and get ready to have the time of your life!