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14953187-7c287bd919f368d2fc4dd6573ce5b798-1.4a4ac24c-scaled.jpgThis week, Role Mommy got the chance to meet Tim Gannon, chef extraordinaire and co-founder of Outback Steakhouse. Sitting with some of my favorite bloggers, like Kim at Mom in the City, Issa at Single NYC Mama and Aly Walansky at She Knows, we took our seats, and before we knew it, we were ready to start tasting steaks.
But not so fast…before we had our first bite, we were given the story behind the famous Outback Bloomin’ Onion and even got to see first hand how they are able to turn those 16 ounce onions into works of art with a machine that can transform an onion into what looks like a Japanese flower in less than a second. Hmmm…I wonder if they sell that contraption at Williams Sonoma.
IMG00156.jpgTim then went on to tell us about all the affordable and delicious options on the menu and we proceeded to taste sirloins, prime rib, tenderloin, steak teriyaki, lobster tails, garlic potatoes with butter cream, flavorful veggies, and a mouthwatering chocolate brownie for dessert. After I couldn’t take another bite, I started to feel like that girl in Willy Wonka who eats the everlasting gobberstopper and turns into a blueberry blimp.
While I was coming out of my food coma, Tim shared how Outback has changed their menu to reflect the latest dining trends. That means, rather than serve patrons a 24 ounce steak, they’re offering healthier options with entrees that include smaller beef portions, shellfish and vegetables. And, while the economy has taken a hit, Outback is actually making it more affordable to eat out. Outback now offers 15 menu options under $15 – like lobster and steak! Or a teriyaki steak dinner that’s only $9.95. And for weight watchers like myself – they even offer steak entrees that are under 500 calories. Plus, there’s even a gluten free menu for customers with food allergies. Oh, and did I mention the kids meals offer everything from mini steak, to mac and cheese, burgers and much more – all for $6 and under! They’ve obviously thought of everything…and judging from our tasting…they have not only covered all the bases – they’ve hit it out of the park.
It was also re-assuring to learn that Outback monitors the quality of its food through the use of bio-thermometers in the kitchen – they’re able to tell exactly what temperature the food is so that they don’t undercook it. And they prepare everything from scratch and train their staff so that chefs worldwide can perfect their mouthwatering recipes right on the premises.
IMG00155.jpgAs we head into July 4th weekend where many of us will be grilling up steaks and burgers, why not give your barbecue a break and head to Outback where you can feed your entire family at a fraction of the price? Or, you could always order takeout and serve it up right at home. Hmmm….looks like this year’s barbecue is going to feature a Bloomin Onion! Mmmm, mmmm, good.

Me, a lifestyle expert? Heck yeah.. keep reading for tips to decorate on a dime!


Okay- so let me give you a little background
about me, the short version; I married a doctor 15 years older than me… no
you didn’t read that wrong. At 25 years old, I was thinking more along the
lines of future long-term financial security and it didn’t hurt that I
thought he was devastatingly handsome-it kept my mother quiet, I was clearly
intoxicated by the fact that this guy would be obligated to check every
suspicious mole on body- and give me regular breast examinations.

 So we sailed off into the sunset- in our M.D. license-plated 1995 Honda
Accord.  Well- to give you a bit of perspective- 10 years later well we’re
still driving that Honda, and then a year ago my nice doctor husband told
me he’d rather drive a stake through his heart than see another patient, (okay
I’m using a bit of poetic license here- because his admission had far less
dramatic flair, but you get the gist). So like any good wife- I told him- our
marriage and relationship was not predicated on his M.D. status and that
ultimately being that I never lived the rock star doctor’s wife lifestyle– you
know – convertible BMW, lunching with the ladies- mani-pedis on a bi-weekly
basis- shopping at Coach– that his “profession” wasn’t all that
important to me.

Still it’s been a bit of an adjustment… especially when acquaintances accost
me with statements like; OH my G-d if my husband ever decided he didn’t want to
be a doctor I would divorce him! Or my mother’s recation and insistence that
she will not be telling any of her friends about this CATASTROPHIC event. (NO
this time I’m not exaggerating!)

So when Beth, the infamous Role mommy herself-
asked me to be the Lifestyle Editor for the site- I though- this could possibly
be the perfect opportunity for me to find and share ideas that us real moms in
the trenches- the ones who are not shopping on Madison Avenue, downing martinis
at lunch- rather sipping the last dregs of our kids’ juice boxes (we hate
wasting a perfectly good fruit punch) and looking for ways to cut costs but
still reveling in life’s little luxuries– (I can really whoop it up in those
$1 bins at Target) could ACTUALLY use!.

Toise Birdy - Laure Giradin-Vissian HOST 079 Hi-Res.jpg

To kick off my inaugural first lifestyle post the amazing
folks at Nouvelles Images,
which produces the non-toxic pretty
fabulous paper wall Homestickers which come in an array of themes for any age
from whimsical forest creatures to colorful underwater life designs and will
brighten your children’s rooms and illuminate their imaginations without breaking
the bank– are giving one lucky reader these stickers for FREE. These are


But really the best part about these Nouvelles Images’ Children’s Homestickers is that they’re non-toxic,
easily applied and removed,  only cost $30, and allow kids’ ever changing
interests (last week my daughter was all about Hannah Montana- and now it’s
strictly Selena Gomez)  to be reflected in the design of their rooms as
often as they choose.
They’re available on, and


Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Alphabet animaux - HOST 130.jpg

To enter to win your very own set–leave a comment about
which design is your favorite. Feel free to leave any random musings too–I’m
always up for some commiseration, gossip and girl talk! And to score another
entry you can tweet about this giveaway too!


Giveaway only open to those with U.S. addresses.
Giveaway ends on Monday July 6th at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. On
Tuesday July 7th will select one winner, and I’ll email them and
announce it immediately.
  Good luck! 

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