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Here at Role Mommy, we’re becoming quite the zoo – welcoming into our home a brand new kitten named Hazel (we fondly refer to her as “Weasel”), two new hermit crabs, and a lizard who sadly, croaked after succumbing to one too many crickets that had been deposited into its expensive tank for feeding (for anyone planning to purchase a lizard, here’s a quick tip: you’re supposed to give a lizard 5 crickets, not 15 at one feeding).
Thumbnail image for 4636_85593080204_551290204_1907768_1337342_n.jpgThankfully, there haven’t been any more casualties in our home due to excessive feeding. And while I normally do reviews of products and services for kids and families, imagine my surprise when the PR team for K9 Cuisine, a line of pet food and treats for dogs and cats (but not lizards) reached out to me to see if we were interested in sampling their healthy and playful fare. After a quick consult with Rudy and Hazel, they were totally down with it.
Thumbnail image for IMG00122.jpgAnd so, a few weeks ago, a big box of goodies arrived for the finicky duo. They were ecstatic since normally when boxes arrive, it’s usually groceries from Fresh Direct, camp clothes for my daughter or a DVD from Netflix. The cats and I tore through the box and uncovered a treasure trove of goodies – from wet food, to catnip toys, to healthy dry food, pet supplements, you name it, it was in there.
Thumbnail image for IMG00128.jpgOver the last month, I’ve discovered that the cats particularly love the dry food. In fact, if I leave the pantry door open for too long, they’ll climb inside and paw at the bag until it tumbles off the shelf and deposits a few morsels of food on my wood floor. I have no idea why it’s so tasty, nor will I be sampling it anytime soon, but Rudy and Hazel are big fans of Core dry food. Plus, Rudy is also quite fond of the catnip toy and luckily, Hazel hasn’t discovered what it is exactly or else our psychotic kitten will be bouncing off the walls.
If you’d like to find out more about the pet food products offered at K9 Cuisine, then visit their website. The cool thing is, you can buy them in stores or order online if you run out of your pet’s favorite dish. Time to bolt…have to feed the hermit crabs!