The Role Mommy Fave Five

Today’s Fave Five features everything from fabulous writers, to inspirational stories and a really cute photo that I snapped on my trusty BlackBerry. So without further ado, here’s our picks for today.
1. My new favorite mom blogger is Chicky Chicky Baby. I knew from the moment I saw her Twitter photo (a pic of an adorable baby) that I’d like her. And then I clicked over to her site and read this post about her run-in with ticks and knew that she is my kind of writer. She’s real, sarcastic and had me laughing out loud from the moment I started reading about her scary tick filled saga.
2. Check out this touching post at Our Life Upstate about what this mom thought about while her infant was sleeping. Such a sweet entry!
3. Katja at Skimbaco Lifestyle shared this story of her very special day with US soldiers, Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs and Hanes Underwear. Don’t get any ideas, it’s actually a really cool event that she hosted along with her husband.
4. Over at Traveling Mom, my Blog Talk Radio partner in crime features a video of my mom sharing how I got my love of luxury travel. Plus, she has a great interview with Lee Woodruff and incredible advice from her network of traveling mom bloggers. Coming soon from yours truly will be some laugh out loud road trip stories involving bikes and cars. Now all I need are planes and trains to make it complete.
5. 10214575.jpg If you’ve been reading Role Mommy, then you know that we recently adopted a kitten. Well, here she is. And I know, she looks real cute sitting there on a plate, but I have to tell you – she can be as wild as a squirrel monkey. Either way, if you have a cute pet photo, send it to me at and you can make our fave five too!