Role Mommy on Better TV

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Role Mommy and her good friends, Kim at Mom in the City and Melissa, who writes for NYC Moms Blog as well as iVillage and Time Out NY Kids made an appearance on Better TV offering our favorite gifts and getaway ideas for Mother’s Day. Check us out!

Meet Mom of Reinvention, Judy Goss

judyheadshotfinished.jpegRole Mommy: What did you do before you became a mom?
Judy: I was a modeling agent for Ford and NY Models, a casting director and producer for photo shoots, and before that a model.
Role Mommy: When did you decide to reinvent your life?
Judy: When I got laid off too many times within a short time – I finally decided that I wanted to be in control of my work environment and length of time that I work.
Role Mommy: How have your children influenced your career path? How many do you have?
Judy: I have 5-year old twins (they will be 5 in July) and they have made me realize that I’m not going to be young forever, and doing what I love to do was the only option for me now.
Role Mommy: What’s your favorite “Time Out” tip for moms (taking time for yourself)
Judy: Making a scheduled day and time – even if it’s for one hour – to have time for yourself. For example, at one point I would go get my nails done between 10 and 11:30 on Sunday mornings before my husband went to work…sounds impossible, but once you get in the routine it’s effective!
BreakIntoModeling-1.jpgRole Mommy: What does your website offer moms or kids?
Judy: My website offers education about getting into the modeling industry through my book that came out last fall. Break into Modeling for Under $20 Also, I have a blog that hopefully inspires and motivates people in the modeling/acting industry, but also in their sense of self.
Role Mommy: What do you hope for your own kids?
Judy: To be happy, and to inspire people to be the best they can be by becoming that way themselves.
Role Mommy: Who is your Role Mommy?
Judy: My friend Karen who lives in Florida – she is a single Mom who overcame incredible odds, and I hope to be half the mother that she is every single day.

Who Knew Swine Flu?

It’s funny. I just got through telling my friends how I managed to stay cold and flu free this season and then BAM! I get walloped by some weird laryngitis/cough thing that’s been driving me crazy all day. I even took my own daughter to the pediatrician today because we were worried she had strep (no worries, just a cold) and as I hacked up a lung in the office, my kids’ jovial doctor looked at me and said “Maybe you should see a doctor and check that out. You shouldn’t take a chance with respiratory ailments.”
And that’s when I decided there’s something seriously wrong with pediatricians. If you’re a busy mom who is carting your kids to the doctor because you’re afraid they may have contracted swine flu and you happen to be sporting a nasty cough as well, would it kill the pediatrician to check you out too? Does that violate some code of ethics or something? Because all I know is that the last thing I want to do tomorrow is make an appointment with the glitzy Upper East Side doctor factory that I’m forced to visit when I suspect I’m suffering from a pandemic only to find that I’ve got nothing more than a chest cold.
The only problem I’m facing at the moment is that I’ve got two events coming up this week and at the moment, I have no voice. I’m even supposed to interview Lara Spencer from The Insider tomorrow morning and have no clue whether I’m going to sound like an old lady with smoker’s cough or if my voice will miraculously return. I guess it serves me right. Never brag that you haven’t gotten sick all year because when you disclose that piece of news, expect to contract bubonic plague within a matter of days.
To make matters worse, I decided to do a random search on swine flu and guess what symptom came up first? Coughing! Not a cold, not stomach pain, not fever, but a bloody cough. Well not actually a bloody cough, just an annoying cough. That would just be rich if I had the swine flu – I haven’t been to Mexico nor have we taken a caribbean vacation in years. So if it turns out that I could have contracted this cockamamie virus without ever leaving the tri-state area, I’m going to be really pissed. I’m sure I’m over-reacting and hopefully by Thursday I’ll be as good as new. But in the meantime, if you need me, you can find me inhaling a big bowl of hot steam. That’s my life…all glamour, all the time.

Role Mommy on the Run & Traveling Mom

TGITW (Thank God it’s the Weekend). That means that we’re back on Blog Talk Radio with our re-cap of the week. From hot topics like the Scarsdale mom who got arrested after kicking her bratty kids out of her car, to tips to avoiding a stressful family vacation to news on our upcoming celebrity events, we’ve got a jam packed 45 minutes of fun. So get ready to listen in and laugh!

Role Mommy Fave Five

This Fave Five comes from our favorite California Mom Kristin, who also is our guest co-host for Role Mommy and friends primetime show on Blog Talk Radio. Just in time for Mother’s Day, check out Kristin’s picks for May!
1. The Love/Avon Army of Women are looking for a few good women…. It began last October during breast cancer awareness month but it continues forever, Dr. Susan Love is working to sign up a million women to help in the fight against breast cancer. It is free and yet she only has 276,984 women signed up. So check it out and join, you will be helping another woman and you never know… maybe even your daughter’s generation some day.
2. I love Facebook because it helps me keep in contact with all my friends but I REALLY love it when my friends (like Sara) post links to incredible videos that I might not otherwise see. This one is a video from Taylor Swift, she is an incredible young lady who really “gets it”. So grab your tissues first then click here…
3. I am a Spirited Woman! Not only do I shout that out randomly around my house but I am also the featured entertainment writer for the Spirited Woman blog. This week we are holding a “Comment Contest” (and you know you can’t hold your tongue any longer). From May 1 thru May 7, you can comment on as many posts as you want and as many times as you want. Then we will judge your comments and if you win you will be featured on the Spirited Woman blog.
4. I am new to this whole Mom blogger world but thanks to Beth I am hooked!!! I can not wait for Thursday, May 7th and the first National Mom’s Nite Out, we deserve a night out! I worked with HP and Momlogic on their Mother Of All Bloggers promotion and you should go on and vote. I wish I could win the HP Mini 1000 (the perfect companion for mom) because it is slender (less than 1″ thick), starts at only 2.25 pounds so you can slip it in your bag AND it has a built in HP mini webcam. Click here and vote. Plus, since I live in the L.A. area, I was lucky enough to be invited to the local celebration hosted by and at the Mint. For more information, click here. BTW, Kristin – I contributed a chapter to the new True Mom Confessions book…page 150 🙂
5. And the last thing that I love is that it is MAY DAY! I used to think my mom was a little nutty because she celebrated every holiday (yes, even Groundhog’s Day) but now I AM her. In the Roman Catholic tradition, May is Mary’s month, and in these circles May Day is usually a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Fading in popularity since the late 20th century is the giving of “May baskets,” small baskets of sweets and/or flowers, usually left anonymously on neighbor’s doorsteps so today my daughters and I are bringing back the tradition by making flower shaped cookies and delivering to the neighbors in baskets. Happy May Day!

A Mother’s Day Spa Retreat & Style Lounge

On Saturday, May 9, and Friends in High Places present the latest in beauty, fashion, home dĂ©cor, wellness and fitness – all in the distinctive setting at Castle Ivar in the Hollywood Hills.
Not just a Lounge:
 The event will feature the ultimate Celebrity Gift Lounge in celebration of Moms and Kids, where they will receive the latest in gifting and tips for healthy living all while helping out a great cause. Our beneficiary, Kid’s Play International provides sports-focused volunteer service trips, promoting interactive and educational sports programs for kids in orphanages and schools throughout Africa, while also helping to connect them to the youth of the U.S. through a pen-pal program.

And of course our guests can look forward to receiving amazing gifts including the newest Stearns & Foster® bed from the just-launched Plush Line, fitness equipment from Power Plate®, resort vacations, and so much more, all valued in excess of $20,000.
For the Moms
Enter the spa and wellness suite hosted by Wellness On Wheels, where you will be treated to the latest therapies and treatments to help you find your best inner self. We will have massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionist, yoga teachers and aromatherapy to sooth away your stress. And if that is not enough to do the trick, step into the HemAway® Stress Relief Lounge and tell us who is a pain in your butt. Yes, that’s right! You can let it all out by throwing darts at all those pesky and annoying irritations that ruin an otherwise good day and have a good laugh at it all.
To benefit your outer beauty, we will have Jonathan Antin, celebrity hair guru and TV personality showing us all how to create and maintain the best hair looks for our new DIY mind set; American Laser Centers will provide multiple body and facial treatment for anti aging and age reversal results; Fitness Expert Steve Jordan will be there to show you how to get fit fast and still have time for family; Lovely Lashes will create the look-of-the-moment with divine lash extensions; Green Bliss Eco Spa will be providing eco friendly manicures and many more surprises for all.
For the Kids
Kid’s Play International will be hosting the Kid’s Lounge full of fun and music where our little guests will be invited to join the Pen Pal program and make a friend a world away. My Princess Academy will be hosting a most elegant tea party where we can all have etiquette lessons n dining manners, direction on how to engage in social interaction, and general etiquette skills needed to be a true princess. Habitat Heroes will teach the kids about our environment and how they can do their part to help save the planet and so much more. Plus, for music lovers, there will be performances for parents and children by Kidrockers, featuring comedian and guest emcee, Greg Behrendt.
Gifts and Fun!
Gifts include Bliss & Love jewelry designs, Loss Gloss lip gloss, Odor Justice eco-friendly air neutralizer, Latisse® by Allergan Eye Lash Growth solution; Bholu home and gift ware line will bring rugs, pillows, kid’s toys all the way from Australia; Stearns & Foster will be giving their top of the line beds; Power Plate will gift their amazing technology and free in-home set up and training; Lucy Clothing will be there with their latest must-have line; Zookini Kids clothing, to name a few.

Location: Castle Ivar!
The event will be held at the Castle Ivar in Hollywood, one of the most unusual event venues in Los Angeles. This private castle was built in the 20’s and has become a favorite party location for the glitterati such as Prince.
Coca Cola (with Smart Water, Honest Tea, Fuze), the Renaissance Hotel & Spa, Power Plate Fitness, Blog Talk Radio, Sealy Stearns & Foster, Lucy apparel, My Princess Academy, Habitat Heroes, Allergan, Bholu Australia, Green Bliss Eco Spa American Laser Centers Bliss and Love jewelry, Inno Clothing, Real de Mexico Tequila, Illy Coffee Aveda, Jonathan Antin hair care, Zookini Kids Clothing, Kid’s Play International.

I’m Going to Hollywood!

building and pool rh large.jpg Okay Role Mommies, hold on to your hats because we are leaving on a jet plane next Friday (actually it’s a Virgin America flight and I don’t know if it’s a jet) and we’re headed to Los Angeles where we will be hosting an event with Friends and High Places at a Castle in the Hollywood Hills!
But before we share the details of our pre-Mother’s Day event for celebrities and mom bloggers, we’re going to spending two luxurious nights away from home compliments of the Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Hollywood! And, since we normally host our Role Mommy on the Run show with Traveling Mom on Blog Talk Radio on Fridays, we’ll be hosting our show live later that day from the Renaissance so we can give everyone a sneak peak at what’s in store the next day at the celebrity moms event that will benefit Kids Play International. Then, we’ll be heading over to the castle the next morning where we’ll be broadcasting live throughout the day!
RHH Logo & Spa 001.jpgFor details on what’s in store for our Mother’s Day retreat in Los Angeles, click here. Or check out the Renaissance Hotel & Spa and book your vacation getaway with your girlfriends or your mom today!