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Today’s link of the day goes to our friends at My Work Butterfly – an inspiring online community for career minded women.
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The Role Mommy Fave Five

Just in time for the holiday weekend comes a Fave Five that’s jam packed with giveaways, great finds and advice for the culinary challenged!
1. After checking my Twitter account this morning, I got a funny Tweet from @bakespace and decided to check out their site and what I found was a fabulous destination offering everything from recipes to mentors who will help crappy cooks like me get over my fears and maybe even become a culinary genius. Watch out Bobby Flay, here I come! Visit BakeSpace today for some great ideas.
2. Over at Goodies for Mom, Lois has a treasure trove of giveaways for readers. Today’s giveaway is with Take Lessons, a site that enables you to book voice and music lessons nationwide! Want to win a few music lesson for your child? Then what are you waiting for?
610x.jpg3. If you’re in the mood to laugh, then check out this hilarious video featuring actress Jane Krakowski as she sits eating a gallon a Breyer’s ice cream and imagine she’s Scarlett from “Gone With the Wind.” Check out the webisode at You can also visit this site to put yourself in the movie. Just upload a photo of yourself and let the magic begin. As an added bonus, you can also enter for a chance to win a dreamy Hollywood sweepstakes. The grand prize is a trip to Hollywood for four people, a deluxe Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour and $5,000 cash.
4. Here’s a brand new iPhone app for your phone created by a husband and wife and it’s called Baby Brain. The couple teamed up with delivery nurses from CPMC and created the iPhone app we needed as new parents. The app allows you to easily time and log feedings (breast or bottle), diapers and sleep with just a tap on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Daddy duty? No problem. Just a tap to email reports to spouses, caregivers or a doctor. You can even view daily, weekly and monthly stats and easily see the baby’s natural patterns. Download the app right here:
5. As we get ready to start packing for the weekend and are on the lookout for hair accessories for myself and my daughter (we both now have wavy long hair just in time for serious humidity), I was just turned on to a new site called HairZing that features great looking combs that’ll add a little pizazz to your ponytail. Forget scrunchies or hair clips, we’ve now entered the era of HairZing!

The Find’s Fave of the Day

Escape to an Eco Friendly Picnic
Escape the frenzy of the city for a relaxing picnic on a grassy knoll, sandy beach or urban parkscape. Gather your friends, some fine food and toss a blanket on the lawn or picnic table. No need to throw away plastic utensils and plates, there are lots of earth friendly and fair trade options for dining alfresco in style. With many options for fair trade picnic totes choose one that suits your family’s style. We love the large Simple Peace “Tigmi” basket totes. They’re hand-woven by a fair trade artisan cooperative in Morocco. Store your food in recycled plastic food storage containers that can be recycled again after several uses as #5 plastic. Reusable picnic plates are best for preventing landfill. Serve your famous secret family recipe potato salad on colorful Zak recycled confetti melamine plates along with natural bamboo utensils. Bamboo utensils are reusable, durable and made from a renewable resource.
Zak Recycled Confetti Melamine Divided Plates, $7.95 at
Simple Peace Tigmi Fair Trade handwoven basket tote bags, $60.00 at
Natural Bamboo Utensil Set, Natural Bamboo Utensil Set, $2.99 at
Recycled Plastic Food Storage Containers – Set of 2, $9.95 at

The Mad Dash Part II

When last we posted, I shared the embarrassing saga about being late to my son’s birthday party. I didn’t anticipate that school traffic, a random fender bender and rush hour would throw a monkey wrench into my perfectly punctual record but alas, I am not perfect. Never have, never will be.
Rather than being 5 minutes late to the party, I was 15 minutes late because I stupidly drove around the same level in the parking lot 10 times. Remember that scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation where they keep seeing Big Ben and the Parliament? Well that was me on Level 2 of the White Plains City Center. Thankfully, after noticing that the cars and the people on that level looked pretty familiar, I finally took another turn and started going in the right direction.
When I arrived at the party, I walked about 500 yards to find the “sweat box,” I mean swimming pool and was pleased to see that my son did not really mind that I hadn’t made it there on time. So despite the overwhelming guilt I felt for not being there to start the party, it turned out, he was perfectly fine. The rest of the party went off without a hitch. The kids swam for another hour and then it was time for pizza and cake.
And so ends the story of the Mad Dash. Now I’ve gotta dash to take care of my under the weather son, a hungry daughter and a feisty kitten. Did I mention that my older cat is now in the cat hospital with pancreatitis or some sort of bad infection? Turns out the kitten stressed him out so much that he put his system into shock. Looks like we all need a break. Thank goodness for holiday weekends!

Mom Blogger Buzz

We’ve got some great blogging going on among our community of Role Mommies and today, we’re featuring our fave five! So let your fingers do the clicking and enjoy!
1. First up, is Andrea P., founder of Little Designer Book who features a great interview with Kate D’arcy the creator of the Toggery collection.
2. Next, I’m off to see two of my favorite blogging mamas, Julie Maloney and Jessica Smith who are in town to promote the launch of EA Sports new fitness program for the Wii. I’ll be taking some pix of these fabulous ladies soon and will feature it on the site as well. Can’t wait to see their 30 day transformation – they actually had a chance to go on a retreat with Oprah’s fitness guru Bob Greene and even met “Biggest Loser” host Allison Sweeney. Will report back on our super-stah blogger moms shortly!
3. A big congrats to Julie Cole, founder of Mabel’s Labels, who just had her sixth baby! Though she says she’s taken a week off to relax, she can also be found blogging as the Baby Machine at Yummy Mummy.
4. Next up is Amanda, who has a hilarious blog called Parenting for Dummies – check out this blog for great photos and belly laughs.
5. Last but not least is One Bored Mommy who offers great giveaways and product reviews on her blog.

The Mad Dash Part I

I’m usually an extremely punctual person. When someone tells me to arrive at an event at noon, I get there at 11:50 am just to be safe. So yesterday, when it was my son’s birthday party and I had to pick up his photo cake in a location that was approximately 20 minutes from my home, I figured it would be a piece of cake (pun intended). I managed to host my radio show (listen in above), and raced out the door to pick up the food while assuring my DH that I’d make it in time for the party.
The one thing I didn’t anticipate however, was traffic. While I hit some stop and go traffic on the way to Stew Leonards, I raced inside the place, picked up the cake, a crudite and fruit platter and juice boxes within five minutes flat. I then raced to my car and hit the road. Except something happened on the way to me making it to the party in record time. School dismissal. I made a fatal turn (not actually fatal so no worries here), when I drove directly into a line of cars that were stopped dead in their tracks as a school was letting kids out for the weekend.
I then spent the next 15 minutes in a traffic jam that did not move. And I actually felt like Michael Douglas in that movie where he loses his mind in a monster traffic snarl. I even started screaming at the top of my lungs. But no one would move.
I’d love to finish the story right now, but that would mean I’d be late for soccer so with that, I will leave you with a to be continued. In the meantime, download my blog talk radio show and laugh.
Until next time…