I’m Going to Hollywood!

building and pool rh large.jpg Okay Role Mommies, hold on to your hats because we are leaving on a jet plane next Friday (actually it’s a Virgin America flight and I don’t know if it’s a jet) and we’re headed to Los Angeles where we will be hosting an event with Friends and High Places at a Castle in the Hollywood Hills!
But before we share the details of our pre-Mother’s Day event for celebrities and mom bloggers, we’re going to spending two luxurious nights away from home compliments of the Renaissance Hotel & Spa in Hollywood! And, since we normally host our Role Mommy on the Run show with Traveling Mom on Blog Talk Radio on Fridays, we’ll be hosting our show live later that day from the Renaissance so we can give everyone a sneak peak at what’s in store the next day at the celebrity moms event that will benefit Kids Play International. Then, we’ll be heading over to the castle the next morning where we’ll be broadcasting live throughout the day!
RHH Logo & Spa 001.jpgFor details on what’s in store for our Mother’s Day retreat in Los Angeles, click here. Or check out the Renaissance Hotel & Spa and book your vacation getaway with your girlfriends or your mom today!