The Girdle Chronicles

IMG00039.jpg Okay Role Mommies. The Memorial Day barbecue and dessert fest is now behind us and that only means one thing. It’s time to diet…again! Every summer I experience the same thing – I see my butt in a store window in Southampton and think to myself, crap, I really need to get in shape.
And so, with the help of EA Sports Active and my good blogging mom friends Julie Maloney at Wii Mommies and Jessica Smith at Jessica Knows, I am making a concerted effort to start burning some calories and shedding some pounds stat! Created by Oprah’s fitness trainer Bob Greene, the EA Sports Active game for Wii offers a variety of challenging exercises – from cardio to strength training to yoga, kick boxing and even roller blading. And, it even comes with resistance bands to help you tone your legs and arms. I’ve decided to try the 30 day workout and so far have completed one day. Not much yet, but I’ve got 29 days to let you guys know if my butt, thighs and Hadassah arms are noticeably smaller.
Plus, I’ve got fabulous dietician and nutritionist Toby Amidor on my side too. She’s one of the expert bloggers on a sister site of the Food Network who will be appearing on Role Mommy on the Run at the end of each month offering great advice and recipes on healthy ways I can finally lose weight for good (and not just for now). Listen in to the show and you’ll come away with some fabulous tips.