The Role Mommy Fave Five

Just in time for the holiday weekend comes a Fave Five that’s jam packed with giveaways, great finds and advice for the culinary challenged!
1. After checking my Twitter account this morning, I got a funny Tweet from @bakespace and decided to check out their site and what I found was a fabulous destination offering everything from recipes to mentors who will help crappy cooks like me get over my fears and maybe even become a culinary genius. Watch out Bobby Flay, here I come! Visit BakeSpace today for some great ideas.
2. Over at Goodies for Mom, Lois has a treasure trove of giveaways for readers. Today’s giveaway is with Take Lessons, a site that enables you to book voice and music lessons nationwide! Want to win a few music lesson for your child? Then what are you waiting for?
610x.jpg3. If you’re in the mood to laugh, then check out this hilarious video featuring actress Jane Krakowski as she sits eating a gallon a Breyer’s ice cream and imagine she’s Scarlett from “Gone With the Wind.” Check out the webisode at You can also visit this site to put yourself in the movie. Just upload a photo of yourself and let the magic begin. As an added bonus, you can also enter for a chance to win a dreamy Hollywood sweepstakes. The grand prize is a trip to Hollywood for four people, a deluxe Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tour and $5,000 cash.
4. Here’s a brand new iPhone app for your phone created by a husband and wife and it’s called Baby Brain. The couple teamed up with delivery nurses from CPMC and created the iPhone app we needed as new parents. The app allows you to easily time and log feedings (breast or bottle), diapers and sleep with just a tap on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Daddy duty? No problem. Just a tap to email reports to spouses, caregivers or a doctor. You can even view daily, weekly and monthly stats and easily see the baby’s natural patterns. Download the app right here:
5. As we get ready to start packing for the weekend and are on the lookout for hair accessories for myself and my daughter (we both now have wavy long hair just in time for serious humidity), I was just turned on to a new site called HairZing that features great looking combs that’ll add a little pizazz to your ponytail. Forget scrunchies or hair clips, we’ve now entered the era of HairZing!