Mom Blogger Buzz

We’ve got some great blogging going on among our community of Role Mommies and today, we’re featuring our fave five! So let your fingers do the clicking and enjoy!
1. First up, is Andrea P., founder of Little Designer Book who features a great interview with Kate D’arcy the creator of the Toggery collection.
2. Next, I’m off to see two of my favorite blogging mamas, Julie Maloney and Jessica Smith who are in town to promote the launch of EA Sports new fitness program for the Wii. I’ll be taking some pix of these fabulous ladies soon and will feature it on the site as well. Can’t wait to see their 30 day transformation – they actually had a chance to go on a retreat with Oprah’s fitness guru Bob Greene and even met “Biggest Loser” host Allison Sweeney. Will report back on our super-stah blogger moms shortly!
3. A big congrats to Julie Cole, founder of Mabel’s Labels, who just had her sixth baby! Though she says she’s taken a week off to relax, she can also be found blogging as the Baby Machine at Yummy Mummy.
4. Next up is Amanda, who has a hilarious blog called Parenting for Dummies – check out this blog for great photos and belly laughs.
5. Last but not least is One Bored Mommy who offers great giveaways and product reviews on her blog.