Thursday Fave Fives

Today’s edition will center on our favorite subject…weight loss and fitness. So without further ado, here’s our picks of the week on the diet front.
1. The Latest Diet Sensation – Who would have thought that I picked the one diet that Mario Lopez’ friend is trying out too. It’s called Nutropia and so far, I’m on day three. While I have only lost about 1 pound, I do like the meals and snacks so far and have managed to convince my girlfriends to try it too. So we’re all comparing notes on their best dishes. and I’ve found the breakfasts and desserts to be my favorite…so what else is new?
2. Ballet Anyone? Just watched a video today on Taxi TV about how Crunch gym is offering ballet and yoga classes for gym enthusiasts looking to get leaner and toner limbs. Who needs an elliptical machine when all you need to do is remember the moves for first, second and third position?
3. Splenda with Fiber – We attended a really cool event compliments of Splenda – we’ll be sharing details real soon, but we got to take home an awesome goody bag filled with tons of Splenda treats, a cookbook on how to whip up some delicious smoothies and a box of splenda with fiber. I’ve been using the packets the last few days and so far, so good…it works!
4. The Fabulous 15 – Role Mommy has just been selected to be a part of Frito Lay’s Fabulous 15 to share the inside scoop on their latest line of healthy snacks for women. They’ve even created an innovative and entertaining website with animated shorts of women who seem oddly familiar. Not because they look like me but because they say exactly what I’m thinking. We’ll be sharing details on all the great snacks they’re offering but for now, visit A Woman’s World and get ready to crack up.
5. What’s Age Got to Do with It?: Living Your Healthiest and Happiest Life – This latest book by bestselling author Robin McGraw is an incredibly helpful resource offering advice from doctors, fitness experts and more on how you can be fit and healthy at any age. We’ll be speaking with Robin this week so if you have any questions for her, just say the word and then tune into our show at Blog Talk Radio.