The Passover Fave Five

Well, today’s the day. In less than eight hours, guests will start arriving in droves to partake in a festive meal at my house. And that’s just the first night…you see – we’ll be hosting round two tomorrow night which means I’m cooking up two turkeys this year and with the help of my mom, several favorite dishes that’ll have our guests asking for seconds and thirds. Today’s fave five will feature some of our favorite recipes, plus a sampling of our favorite Role Mommy recipes around the web. So without further ado, here’s the Passover Fave Five Recipe Guide:
1. Cooking a turkey? We’ve got you covered. If you search on Google right now, the top recipe that comes up is Elise’s Turkey Recipe. We don’t know Elise, but we’ve tried her recipe several times and we love it (as do our guests). So if you have no clue how to cook a turkey, have no fear, Elise is here!
2. Over at Self Made Mom, is an out of this world recipe for Matzoh Kugel. We’ll be trying that one out after we finish whipping up our morning matzoh brei!
3. Grandma Dora’s Matzoh Brei and Matzoh Pudding. For beginners, try the scrambled version and if you’re up for a challenge, go for the pudding!
4. Dr. Gwenn’s favorite passover dessert recipes compliments of her friend Tanya. The best recipes are always passed down from one friend to another! Meanwhile, if any of your kids are feeling under the weather, visit Dr. Gwenn Is In for a treasure trove of great advice!
5. Ciaran’s Matzoh Roca – Our favorite southern California mom Ciaran with Popshopology offers a another fabulous dessert that’ll have the kids clamoring for more.
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