OMG…Oprah Love!!!

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I had to capture this post from Twitter today because honestly, I couldn’t believe it and had to share it with the world.  Or at least my wonderful readers.  O Magazine said to follow me.  Me, that’s right.  Little old me.  The kid from Brooklyn, NY with big dreams who keeps rolling that boulder up the hill hoping that one of these days, someone will finally discover me.  And today it happened! Sure it may just be on Twitter but I don’t care.  I am beyond thrilled.  
So thanks O Magazine – I’ll make sure to tell all my friends to follow you too.  But more importantly, it goes to show all of us that if you keep following your path and doing what you love, eventually the big people take notice.    
Time to step away from the computer and do the happy dance. Oh who am I kidding? It’s time to break out in song!  🙂