Mother’s Day Book Pick Alert!

51qHTI7j9qL._SL500_AA240_.jpgWe’ve got another great book pick for any new mom who is feeling down in the doldrums because they haven’t had a chance to take a shower, get a manicure or hit the gym in months. It’s time to get back in the saddle! And this latest book by Olympic athlete and mom Dara Torres is the perfect remedy to inspire you to pursue your passion at any stage of your life.
Recently, Dara, a multi-tasking mom with a young daughter met with a group of mom bloggers as spokesperson for HP’s newest laptop computers. Unfortunately, while I was all excited to see Dara in action – she actually swam for the group first before they went to lunch with her, it was the second day of Passover so I was home cooking up a turkey for 16 attendees. And so, sadly, I missed meeting her in the flesh. But lucky for me, one of Dara’s other spokesperson duties is for the Drink Well Live Well milk campaign and coincidentally, they sent me a copy of her latest book, Age is Just a Number: Achieve Your Dreams At Any Stage In Your Life and I read it this week – at the gym, on the train, at night – whenever I had a waking minute and I wasn’t dealing with work, the kids, or my computer, all my time outs were devoted to Dara and I have to say, I loved every minute of it.
The book, which is written by Dara and Elizabeth Weil shares the incredible story of how this dynamic woman managed to compete in four Olympic games spanning two decades (1984-2008)! If you ever thought you were too old to do what you love, read this book and get inspired. If there were more Dara Torres’ in this world, there’s no telling what all of us can accomplish. So today, we’re adding Dara’s book to our must-have Mother’s Day book list. Visit our Amazon Store for more great book picks.