The Role Mommy Fave Five for Kids

Since Role Mommy is always on the lookout for great finds for moms, we figured we’d devote tonight’s picks to some of our kids’ must-haves of the moment…
1. Think Draw – If you have a budding artist in your midst, then pay a visit to this site where kids and adults can create portraits, floral arrangements and abstract designs online. Plus, friends (both real and virtual) can comment on their work – a function that totally has my kids hooked. Just wait until I let them join Facebook…not!
2. The Nintendo DSi – We had a special delivery this week from the incredibly generous team at Nintendo. This time, it came in a red box with a mirror and when we opened it to thunderous applause, our kids came racing into the kitchen to take a look. And frankly, I haven’t seen what was inside that box ever since. My two children hijacked the brand new Nintendo DSi which offers some great features like a camera that enables you to alter your pictures, a voice recorder, a parrot that mimics your voice and much more. Plus, it still plays all your favorite games and enables you to download games from the Nintendo website too.
3. Club Penguin – My kids have slowly migrated from Webkinz over to Club Penguin and while I still refuse to pay the monthly membership, my savvy charges have discovered how to check out some fancy igloos without me footing the bill. All you need to do is “Friend” a Penguin whose parents pay their dues and you can hang out at their house. Kind of like real life, without penguins.
4. Kooky Pens – I don’t quite understand the hype, but whenever we buy a friend a birthday gift these days, the required accoutrement is a silly looking pen with spiky rubber hair…aka, a kooky pen. Even more annoying, you can buy these pens as life sized pillows too. I have no idea why kids love their kooky pens so, but they do and since it’s less than $5, I figure it’s not such a bad deal – at it least comes in handy when it’s time to do homework.
5. Favorite DVD of the week – Meet Dave. Must see movie of the week…17 Again. Still on the fence…Hannah Montana.

A Chat with Our Favorite TV Guru

Listen in to our latest Blog Talk Radio show featuring our co-host Kristin with our special guest, television industry guru and feature writer Jay Bobbin, who has interviewed everyone from Bono to Dolly Parton to Michael J. Fox, Neal Patrick Harris, Sean Penn and many, many more. Jay shares some great stories about his favorite interviews of all time, plus give his picks on the must-watch shows of the season. So tune in and enjoy the ride!