The Friday Fave Five

1. Now that I’m feeling completely bloated after two nights of matzoh, turkey and sweet potato pudding with marshmallows, it’s time to get serious and this spring Weight Watchers has just the plan to give me the momentum to get moving. Once a member joins, they will have the chance to create a walking team or register for a 5K event and if they sign up for this challenge, they will get access to a free eight-week online training program – to help reach an activity goal of walking a 5K. In addition, all participants who complete the eight-week walking training program will be eligible to download a special President’s Challenge Award from Weight Watchers. The President’s Challenge is a free, motivational tracking program of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and encourages making activity part of everyday life.
2. Getting ready for Easter? Well, over at The Recipe Mom, she’s got some fabulous ideas for the holiday. Or, try this mouthwatering chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treat recipe.
3. Best looking Easter Eggs on the web. If you want to get creative with your kids, try this on for size!
4. Want to find out how to win a quick $25K? Simple, ask Jessica Silverman, who just won that much money after selecting the precise number of jelly beans in a jar. If winning money were only that easy.
5. Should you go see the Hannah Montana movie? Well, according to the first review I’ve read from the Seattle Post Intelligencer, the flick got a thumbs up from his kids. Despite the hype, my kids are actually over Hannah so I think we may escape this sequel. Incidentally, I’m secretly counting the days to “17 Again.” Come on, who’s with me on that one?

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