The Friday Fave Fives

We’re gearing up for a weekend sleepover for 13 girls at my house so before I lose my sanity, I’m going to share my last fave five before my crazy weekend…
1. Farewell ER – Tuned into the final episode of ER and I have to say it was great. Too bad there won’t be a spin-off with Dr. Greene’s daughter. If you’d like to take a misty trip down memory lane, then just visit NBC’s incredible tribute to the Emmy winning show.
2. The 8:48 Debut – Kicked off our very first Blog Talk Radio show with my commuter girlfriends and it’s called “The 8:48” – which is the time of the train we catch each morning on our way into the Big Apple. Just give us 33 minutes and we’ll give you our world. Below is a link to our first show – it was a laugh riot so if you’re commuting by your lonesome, then download it to your iPod!

3. Coolest Celebrity Stunt of the Month – Phil Keoghan, the host of The Amazing Race is riding cross country on a bicycle! Follow him on Twitter @philkeoghan and Facebook and get a sneak peak into his truly amazing journey!
4. Celebrity sighting…Julie at Cool Mom Guide had the coolest run-in of the week. She was 10 feet away from Julia Roberts! I guess that’s almost as incredible as touching the Queen.

5. While I’ve already admitted that my favorite talk show hosts are Regis & Kelly, I’ve decided that these two women from SNL run a close second.

Does this Remind You of You?

Role Mommy is proud to announce that Frito Lay has selected yours truly as one of their Fabulous 15 – an elite group of bloggers who now have the inside scoop on their brand new line of snacks geared toward women who are just like me. That would be women who are constantly obsessing about their weight, their sweet and salt cravings, their cankles, their triumphs over losing a few pounds and then celebrating with wine and chocolate, you get my drift.
Well, thanks to their new website, Only in A Woman’s World, Frito Lay will introduce us to a few women who trust me you will definitely relate to. And even more important, when you’re craving that 4pm must have snack – whether it’s sweet or salty, they’ve got just the answer with healthy snacks that taste good too. Since I’ve got a sweet tooth, I’m loving their Smart Food option – I mean who doesn’t love caramel corn?
So let’s get to the heart of the matter, what do you crave more? Sweets or salt…or both? Inquiring moms want to know.