Too Much Noise

I’m sitting here in my den in dead silence and yet when I’m online reading an endless stream of Twitter and Facebook comments, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there’s way too much noise out there on the digital highway. No matter how quiet it is, we as consumers, bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs are being bombarded by messages. Messages about our personal goings on. Messages about great articles we should be reading or videos we should be watching. While I find myself conversing less and less on the phone, I’ve found that online communication is overtaking my life.
On the Twitter front, I watch as the people I follow are all at a digital convention I had never even heard of until this year. And then on Facebook, some of those people have trickled their comments over to my friend page. And so, I jump off the page and visit a few of my favorite blogs. But no one is writing blog posts. Instead, they’re tweeting, podcasting, vlogging, talking about SXSW (if you’re there you know who you are) anything, but writing scintillating content.
There used to be a time where I’d write for hours, but today, unless I can come up with 140 characters or less about my personal and professional pursuits, I am pretty much toast. And now matter how hard I try to stay away from it, I’ve become addicted. Addicted to Twitter, Facebook and Google. Let’s face it, without Google, I’d be lost. Whenever I have a question about anything (from breast buds, to leg cramps to what to do with your family on a lazy Saturday afternoon), I have a consult with Google and within seconds, find exactly what I’m looking for.
But the worst addiction in this social networking traffic jam is my Blackberry. I cannot shake my addiction to email and even though it’s not that important, I am constantly checking to see who is writing, spamming, following me, Facebook-ing, you get the drift. Wait, I think I hear some real noise. Looks like the troops have returned home to break up the deafening silence. I guess it’s time to leave my Twitter and Facebook friends behind for a while so I can return to the real world and make dinner. Until next time…