Thursday Fave Fives

Take a peak at our latest fave fives…and if you’ve got one for us, you can submit it to our email address below…
1. Blog post of the day comes from Just The Facts Baby – could feeding your baby a little bit of peanut butter prevent peanut allergies?
2. How to Throw the best Twitter parties…gotta a business or book to promote? Then find out how you can get the word out on Twitter.
3, Thanks to Kristin at Spirited Woman, we have an economical option for movie rentals – Redbox! Kristin is raving about this option to rent movies for $1 so check it out and find yourself a Redbox today!
4. Never Been Kissed – While Drew Barrymore is set to star in Grey Gardens, I have to admit that I am a huge Drew fan and I adore her in her comedic roles. In fact, “Never Been Kissed,” which is currently airing on cable is one of my all time favorites. I always love movies that highlight the nerds vs. popular kids in school. And now that it’s on one of my favorite movie channels, I look forward to seeing it at least as many times as Mrs. Doubtfire (okay, maybe not that many times)
5, Thanks to Classy Mommy, we’re sharing her fave this week – the Mini Notebook – she loves it because it’s compact and she can take it to any room in her house because she says it works everywhere!
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