The Wednesday Fave Five

We know you’ve been sitting on pins and needles wondering when we’d be posting our fave five of the day…well you’re wait is finally over. Thanks to everyone who submitted a fave for the day and if you’ve got something we should know about, then what are you waiting for?
image001.gif1. It’s Hip Hop Baby This innovative multicultural education series encourages learning and achieving key developmental milestones by getting kids moving and grooving with hip hop music. Created by Emmy-winning children’s television producer Candi Carter with inspiration from her young son, Hip Hop Baby has received the thumbs up from nationally recognized pediatrician and television personality, Dr. Lisa Thornton and celebrity parent advocates including NBA legend Bob Lanier and Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers. Visit Amazon and order Hip Hop Baby today!
2. No More Fattening Road Trip Meals! A new mobile application for BlackBerry and iPhone makes eating out at fast food and casual dining restaurants a healthier experience. GoodFoodNearYou is the first free web and mobile service to search for location-based restaurant nutrition information anywhere in the U.S. Just think…instead of ordering the usual fries witha diet coke at McDonald’s, GoodFoodNearYou will help you find tons of restaurant food options that are healthier and have lower calories, fat, and carbs. Visit GoodFoodNearYou on the web and get directions to download the free mobile apps.
3. Calling All Jr. Cooks! If you’ve got a kid with a penchant for cooking, then do we have an opportunity for them! Jr. Chefs of America is holding open casting calls in Los Angeles to find the next best kid chef that will be featured in original webisodes on their site! To find out more, visit Jr. Chefs of America today!
4. No More Junk Mail! The first day of spring is this Friday, March 20, and ProQuo has a great idea to kick off your spring cleaning activities with the family – get rid of all that unwanted junk mail clogging up your mailbox…and did you know that the average American receives about 848 pieces of unwanted junkmail per year (Yahoo Green). ProQuo offers an easy to use, one-stop Web site that helps stop up to 90% of your unwanted junk mail with just a few clicks of a button. By logging into ProQuo, you can take control of who gets access to your personal information, and choose which catalogs, credit cards and other offers you would like to receive, dramatically cutting down wasted solicitations and important mail clumped in with offers that you don’t want.
5. Favorite Facebook Application of the Day – Thanks to Flixster, I am now officially hooked on any Facebook quiz that revolves around 80’s movie trivia. I aced the 80’s movie quiz, but missed one on 80’s hunks – I think I screwed up on a trick question with that hottie from Sixteen Candles. Anyway, if your Facebook page hasn’t been invaded with that quiz yet, don’t fall for that multiple choice question that has Jake Ryan as an answer – it’ll do you in every time.
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